Wednesday, August 20, 2008

One With Nature

So to continue on my discussion of nature from the previous entry, here is a small segment of an interview with Nathan "Nabob" Shineywater of the band, Brightblack Morning Light. It's incredible insight:
How has living in a wilderness environment changed the way you think about music? Can you talk a little about your experience out at Point Reyes.

Well it was a decision to live rurally, nearby untainted land. There is a decision made to either consider wilderness a hindrance or an inspiration. The choice I made was to participate with wilderness on as many levels as possible. Not only for religion but for entertainment and even for community. Yet to make wilderness a multi-layered experience, I chose to become anti-social, so that my attentions would remain focused. It is still a goal I try & maintain daily, to limit my social interaction so that the "human interaction" doesn't override wilderness interaction. I see alone time with wilderness as a reclamation and a birthright. Too often the "human interaction" is so predictable. Humans need so much attention because generally they are rambling life forces filled with layers and layers of intentions, they only listen to each other, yet there are other life forces surrounding us, with many lessons and gifts. It takes a sincere effort & faith to seek interaction from wildlife over human life. Yet I feel this area of the human experience is worth most any sacrifice.

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Amber Green Pepper said...

yes! i am 100% in agreement with this. it's refreshing to hear it from another persons mouth.