Friday, August 1, 2008

Out of breath, skinnier and environmentally friendly.

I'm all three of those things right now: Really out of breath, a tiny bit skinnier and an environmentalist. I DID IT! I rode my bike to work this morning. It took so much mental preparation because A: My bad ass boyfriend wasn't with me to protect me B: We all know how scary the drivers in LA are and no, it does not feel like bikers share the road with drivers (seriously, that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard of) C: I was nervous about how gross I would look when I got to work after a semi-strenuous drive (which is why I chose Friday - casual day). BUT I DID IT!

So I woke up at 6:30 (work starts at 8:30) got on the internet to gain a little more confidence and read all the rules of the road. They say riders should stay off the sidewalks - Umm. No. Sorry. But I refuse to ride my bike on Olympic Blvd at early morning traffic. I have actually witnessed an SUV get all road-rage with a biker!!! Sorry, but there's no room for bikes! So if some cop even tries to give me a ticket, I'll show him what's coming. I actually wore my helmet this time, which I normally don't do (shame on me). The ride took a little less than 30 min. to get to work. That's a little less than 10 min. a mile. Not bad! It's really easy. I took as many side streets as I could, but otherwise loved being on the sidewalk with the loud bussle of the cars. What's so nice about riding is that you can just use your time contemplating about the significance of life, or perhaps just about what errands you need to run on the weekend - - something that isn't always easy to do because we live in a fast-paced world.

So, remember our challenge: One day a week not using a car - use a bike, public transportation or your feet. Mother Earth will personally thank you. Seriously, she just called to thank me!

Here are a few websites I found helpful for us bike riding folks in the Los Angeles area:

<-------- I'm so sexy.


Anonymous said...

We've got special bike lanes here for people like you...

So ride your push-bike over to London!

tim x

Mother Health said...

Tim, I'm packing my bags right this second. See you in a few!