Thursday, August 28, 2008

Professor Nels Rinden...

Oh, he's just the most awesome anatomy professor so far. I never got to comment on my anatomy class, but wow, what an awesome prof. The one of many things I so far admire is that this guy lives in Pasadena and 2.5 months ago decided that he would stop driving his car as an "Eff You!" to the establishment and gas prices. He takes the bus every day and said it could not be more liberating. WOW! What an example! And he's riding hours everyday to Santa Monica... from Pasadena!!

Amazing. Remember, one day a week with no cars is our goal! That's is completely doable! Use Professor Rinden as an example.

Check out this quote I found about Prof. Rinden:
Nels Rinden encourages individuality,” he adds. “He has an innate ability to translate complex information into an understandable form. Nels (and he insists on being called Nels) is very generous with his time and sincerely cares about every student as if they were family. I would often spend an hour or more with him after class discussing life. I am fortunate to have crossed paths with him.
That is seriously the impression I got of him on my first day in his class.

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