Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Word From a Biker

I know that bikers are supposed to share the road with cars, but does that really make sense? First off, in Los Angeles, that seems totally impossible - - the traffic here is frightening in a car, so why would a biker feel safe? Doesn't it make more sense for a person on a bike (150 - 250 pounds) share the sidewalk with a 120 - 200 pound (average) pedestrian vs. sharing the road with a car that ways over 2,000 pounds and travels upto 60 MPG? Why are there so many laws protecting "pedestrians" and, therefore, making it illegal for bikers to share the sidewalk with them? Hello!? What's the difference between a walking human and a bike riding human? Not much. What's the difference between a bike rider and a car - TONS, literally. Anyway, I'm probably just a coward, but riding bikes on the street does not feel safe to me.

That being said ... read the next entry about critical mass.

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