Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Yummy Yummy Yummy!

I must say, this might be the best lunch as of yet! today's lunch took about 10 min total to make. Again, was supposed to make it before work, and I actually woke up in time, but was having an outfit crisis which took forever to get resolved. But not to worry, just once again grabbed what I had, and still managed to make a gourmet and easy lunch. This feeds 2, but I'm a pig.


Salad -
1 Raw Zucchini
6 Raw Asparagus
1 Avocado
Raw Cashews
Wheat Pita Bread
Goat cheese (which I forgot at home)

Dressing -
Olive oil (I keep this in a jar at work)
Juice from 1/2 lemon
Minced garlic (that I keep in a jar at work)
Sea salt
Red pepper flakes

Ok, so like I said, no time to steam my asparagus at home this morning, but I found that doing it at work is a piece of cake.

So basically took a small bowl, filled it an inch with water, cut the hard ends off the asparagus and wrapped the top with saran/plastic wrap (plastic bag or paper towel should be fine) and placed in the microwave for less than 2 min. So quick!

While that was doing its thing, I got my zucchini which has been in my fridge for a couple weeks (ewwww). I cut off the mold and soft parts (never waste!) and it was as good as new. Just cut that in quarters and through it in a salad bowl.

I did the same with the avocado, but add that at the end so it doesn't get mushy.

Once the asparagus were done, I cut them in pieces, added ice and water to cool them off. They were done perfectly and still crunchy. You want them as close to their raw state as possible.

Then I put a handful of raw cashews in a plastic bag, held the bag at it's opening shut, and then slammed the bag against the counter to crush the nuts. Made a lot of noise, but gets them chopped into finner pieces.

Then in a bowl, I put olive oil and just a bit of the minced garlic and with the back of a spoon mashed the garlic into the olive oil so that the flavor comes out.

Then I squeezed 1/2 a lemon into the bowl, added some sea salt.

Mix all the ingredients together, then a dash of red pepper flakes for a kick. Throw on a plate and garnish with goat cheese. Eat just as a salad or make wraps with the pita bread. I noticed that my kitchen at work had leftover pita bread, not wheat, but does the trick. Use wheat if you can.

This was ridiculously easy and cheap!!! No excuses for not eating this way!!!


Anonymous said...


you eat so healthy it makes me wanna feed you hamburgers while you sleep

Mother Health said...

Dear Anonymous,

Have no fear...I had a hamburger last week. ; )

Amber Green Pepper said...

This looks delicious! I never would've thought to put avocodos w/ peanuts. Thanks!