Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Anatomy 101

My anatomy class is going just wonderfully. I am right at this moment studying for my first test this Thursday. That's just part 1. Part 2 is next Tuesday. Anyway, so much better than my last class. What have I learned thus far? I've learned that we need cholesterol and fat (the good kind, of course) in order for our cells to function properly. Do you hear that people!? haha.

I also was reminded that soy products are bad for men. So you non-lactose males better be careful. Drink almond milk or rice milk instead. Goat's milk is dairy, but easier to digest. I did do a blog on this - - you can find it by googling "soy" and "Mother Health" together. Sorry, no time to find it myself.

Anyway, so I decided that this time around with anatomy - - get this - - that grades are not everything. I'm going to focus on learning rather than the grade. That mentality makes learning way more fun and less stressful. My teacher, Professor Rinden, emphasizes that "GRADES MEAN NOTHING!" He actually has a point. You may or may not agree with this, but hey - he told us his grade point average in college was a C average, yet he managed to get a coveted research position in grad school. Hmmm..... veeeeery interrresting. Yes, he basically graduated college, barely passing, then he realized what he loved and spent the next 6 months of his life in the library studying his new found passion - - science (can't remember his specific major - I think it's molecular bio or something)! He started to read and read and read and gradually became an expert - - and then... talked his way into school by meeting with a professor and impressing him with his knowledge. He didn't even have to apply, the professor just hired him on the spot and got him into the university without caring about his transcripts. Amazing! So he really does have a point. Grades are not everything.... PASSION is everything. So, lesson learned, be passionate!

Learn because you want to, not because you have to.

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