Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bleh and Joshua Tree

Bleh is for the lunch I just ate. Bleeeeeeeeeeh.

And YAY is for the most wonderful weekend I had in Joshua Tree. The weather was absolutely beautiful, the sky filled with cumulus clouds and all the colors of the rainbow. What I learned: I need more amethyst in my life, I need massages on a regular basis and I need a Crossroad's Cafe to open in Los Angeles. I need to give a shout out to Tropical Massage that gave wonderful hot stone massage for only $60 for one hour (unlike Los Angeles prices) - - I was passed out the entire time. After I left I had lines all over my face and really didn't care. I did a ton of thrift shopping encountering great finds, hiking in the park 4 miles to a historical mining area and biked all throughout the streets. The weather was 80 degrees with thunder storms. Humid, yes and beautiful - - What a wonderful place. I love Joshua Tree and have been many times, but this time everything was perfect and beautiful! Very relaxing, very one with nature, very pleased.

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