Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cats & Heart Disease

Thunder and Blueberry

I was NEVER a cat person growing up, never ever ever. In fact my allergies to cat as a child often landed me in bed for a couple days, almost hospitalized a few times and that never gave me very much appreciation for the feline... until New Years Day when I turned to my boyfriend while watching a movie and said, "I want a cat." WHAT!? Out of nowhere I got the urge to own a cat. And the day came when we found the perfect kitties (thanks Ingrid). Yes, we ended up owning not one, but two cats, brother and sister, Thunder and Blueberry. They turned a year old in August, which makes them teenagers (specifically 15 years and 10 months old) in cat years. They're like my babies. I love them as if they were my own. There's just one problem - - if they really were just like my own, I'm scared to be a mother, because if my own child is going to be as cute as my darling kitties, then by their teenage years they would have only learned the words, "I wuv wuv wuv wuv yoooooou. GOOOOOOOOOOBERS. GOOOOOOBIE DOOOBIE DOOOO." Yeah, pathetic, right? I want my cats and children to understand human language, but at 15 I don't think there's much hope when I can't help but love them and squeeze them and talk in a baby voice to them. I am like the little girl, Elmyra from the cartoon Tiny Toons:

Anyway, since owning a cat and becoming a cat lover/obsess-er, I have learned that cats actually make humans healthier. Check out this article to learn why:

In addition, for those of you who own cats, there is something about petting a cat that relieves stress, right? Dogs bring joy to the life of a human, but cats are so lazy-like, and when you pet them, they immediately drop to the ground, pass out and purr... it's quite contagious!

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