Thursday, September 4, 2008


(Yeah right!)

I must say this is not my greatest shinning moment with lunch making. My skills were a no go today. Technically, this is not my fault. I blame the fact that Costco sold us rotten lettuce and this caught me off guard this morning after I had thought of a brilliant lunch. So instead, with five min. to spare before officially being EXTREMELY late to work, I decided on chicken (I recently reincorporated chicken to my diet after eating only fish), a bell pepper and an apple (I know, kinda starchy/sugary meal - but at least some of it is raw). I remembered when I got to work that I had brown rice in the fridge leftover from yesterday's MSG-filled-Chinese lunch and miso dressing leftover from Crossroads Cafe from my Joshua Tree excursion this past weekend.

So being adventurous, I cut up the white meat of the chicken and put that over the brown rice and nuked it in the microwave for 2 min. Meanwhile, I diced the bell peppers and a quarter of an apple and mixed in a bowl with the miso dressing. Ding. The chicken and the rice was done and I added the pepper and apple miso salad on top. Mixed together and voila... sort of. Not the tastiest. So added just a dash of the Trader Jose Curry sauce (this contains sugar sadly, so use sparingly) for some more flavor. It's edible. And having nothing in my fridge, I will say it ain't bad.

The only reason I decided to blog this today in the first place, is to show you that having nothing in the fridge does not actually mean you have nothing to eat. Creating recipes requires imagination and a bit of chemistry. The chemistry part comes with practice, but there is no reason to not eat a quick, easy and healthy meal on a daily basis. Who knows what tomorrow brings, hopefully a little bit tastier than today... and not so starchy.

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