Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday Monday...

So I am back, refreshed, rejuvenated and now detoxing. Yes, I went camping this weekend in the Angeles Forest. No, nothing went according to plan. Yes, it was still amazing. My boyfriend ended up not being able to go this weekend. So, at the twelfth hour, I had to find another partner... and came upon my neighbor, friend Holly! So around 5:30 on Friday we set off for Mountain Oak, CA. It took us 4 hours to get there... we missed the freeway change at one point that set us back about 30 min. Then we arrive in Wrightwood, the town where Mountain High is, and began to look for our campsite 10 miles away. It was by this time 9pm and we got lost. Not even the Mountain High ranger knew where our campground was. Anyway, we found the cutest little motel, Pines Motel, with a room the size of my apt. for $69.

But the next morning we got to our campground, made tea, hiked, relaxed, journaled, read, meditated, ate extremely well, etc.

This is us with wine, not pee!

Thank you Holly for coming with me. So much fun, delicious food, relaxation, bonding with nature and girl time.

Better For You Than S'mores Apple Dessert:

1 Apple
Vanilla Extract
Heavy Whipping Cream or Half and Half (or something else if you're vegan)

Using a knife, cut out the core of the apple and the stem. But make sure you don't cut the apple in half to do this. Apple must remain whole.
Poor vanilla extract in the now hole of the apple.
Cover the whole apple with ground cinnamon.
Put apple in tin foil and place on the campfire grill. After about 10 min. open foil and add more cinnamon. Check after 15 and it should be ready, but leave for longer if not.
I stole 1 tiny half and half packet from a diner earlier that morning and poured some on top of the apple.


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