Monday, September 22, 2008


Whether or not you try and heal all your ailments naturally, it's never to late to try. One of the most incredible resources for your learning pleasure is Jethro Kloss's Back to Eden. If you google Jethro Kloss, not much comes up about him. Unfortunately, I left my copy of Back to Eden at home to type out the bio the book provides.

But why wait when you can buy your own copy for $2.29.

Kloss was big into water therapy and believed that water, depending on temperature, application and consumption could heal anything. He has wonderful examples of healing patience with pneumonia. After reading it, I only just wished the doctors that helped Bernie Mac read this.

An example of treatment (from off the top of my head) for migraines/headaches:
Put feet up to knees in hot water (as hot as the person can handle) with two tablespoons of mustard.
Apply cold compress to the neck area - keep reapplying ice cold water to compress.
Drink mint tea simultaneously.
... something like that.

Just to read his stories of saving hundreds of lives of hopeless cases because of his natural treatments is incredible! His knowledge is inspiring.

I cherish my copy:

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