Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sustainable Dinner!

So in my Yummy Websites, I have a link for Chicks With Knives. It's two girls that put on a yummy, eco-friendly and healthy dinner for a small fee. The next one is Sunday September 28. Go to their website to contact them if you're interested.

Hello Fabulous Friends!

It's Rachael and Pace, aka Chicks with Knives, and we want to join us for an end of summer feast!

For a $48.00, we will serve you a scrumptious four-course, sustainable, gourmet meal at a secret location in Mid-City, on Sunday, September 28th at 7pm.

As of now our menu will be:

Late-Summer Gazpacho

*Czech Yellow Wonder Tomatoes, Sweet Banana Peppers, Lemon Cucumber*

Spinach Salad with Dates & Apples

*Spinach Greens, Shallots, Palm Desert Dates, Brave-Heart Apples*

Pork Loin with Chard & Cauliflower

*Pork Tenderloin, Quince, Rainbow Chard; Calvofiore*

Figs with Sweet Cheese

*Los Feliz Figs, Bonner-Mieritz Honey, Fresh Made Mascarpone-Style Cheese*

(You are welcome to bring wine or beer or whatever you like. We will only have water.)

Give us a shout if you are in and we will get you all the details (how to pay/where it will be) stat.

Cheers and see you there!


Pace and Rachael
Chicks with Knives

*Our menu is gluten free, sustainable, organic and feature local farm-raised produce. If you are vegan, vegetarian or have food allergies, just let us know. It's no worries!


celelladb said...


I wanted to let you know that I just came across your blog and have enjoyed reading some of your entries...I was doing a sugar addiction search on google and came across this blog.....I will definitely be checking out some of those book recommendations like Sugar Blues.....


Just one question....

Are you currently in a program studying nutrition? I'm looking in to holistic nutrition programs and am just curious where other people are studying.....



Mother Health said...

Hi Deborah,

I tried responding to you directly, but I am unable to. Email me for your questions in the future. Let me just say thank you so much for reading! Such a compliment. Anyway, I am in a program - studying nutrition science. I am getting the basic stuff out of the way before I get into the holistic area. I plan to start that at some point next year. At the moment, not sure where I plan to go, but will research and blog about it soon! Thank you for reading!

Mother Health said...

Oh...right now I am studing at Santa MOnica College for the pre-req classes like anatomy, physiology, chem., etc.