Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wilderness Guide...

So, we all know by now my need to get in touch with nature. And while many of you may be thinking I should get the heck out of Los Angeles (and if you're saying that you probably have not lived here long enough to discover it's earthly treasures), I truly believe that all of Los Angeles can be very nature-y and that being one with nature is actually more a mentality than anything else. Of course being alone in the woods, desert, etc. creates that oneness far more easily, but if you can learn to enjoy and respect Mother Earth from your own backyard, then you're no doubt still one with nature. That being said, I want to go and eventually be 100% submersed in the wilderness, and I will, but in the meantime, I'm going to learn to do it here.

Learning all you can about Mother Earth is very important so that you understand all she has to offer. Knowing how to survive in the wilderness is crucial in order to give Mother Earth the respect she deserves and this knowledge comes from reading, practicing, etc. I believe that once people become more aware of their environment and learn all the can about their surroundings, the far better they would treat the Earth. It's like anything - - the more you know something, the more your love it. It's the first step to becoming an environmentalist - - and Lord knows the environment is something we all must take responsibility for right now. So, if you agree, check this out:

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