Friday, October 10, 2008


I don't know what's harder, quitting smoking or quitting coffee and sugar and alcohol. Honestly, is crack this hard to quit? Cause that's what I feel like, a crack addict, barely surviving the morning without her crack coffee, and then barely surviving the day without a crack sugar fix and then on the weekends barely able to unwind without the crack alchy. AAAAAAAAAAAAH! I hate withdrawals, but here we go, on the withdrawal train. Wish me luck. And have a great sugar, caffeine, alchy free weekend!!!!




alldead said...

switching from coffee (even though how amazing it is) to loose leaf yerba mate can probably help. it has alot of health benefits and all the things you want from coffee in it but without all the things you dont want.

alldead said...

oh and heres a site you can learn some stuff about it.

ebisue said...

me too! i've been for accupuncture and herbs (second week of 8 so far) to help me thru - the herbs really (to drink) do help