Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sinus Infections...

This seems to be really going around. So, I refer to my Back to Eden Book by Jethro Kloss to see what causes it and what can remedy it.

Sinuses, according to Wikipedia are air-filled spaces in the cranium that communicate with the nasal cavity. A sinus infection is when mucous fills those air-filled spaced. Ewwww. People who are constantly in water or change altitude frequently are more prone to sinus infections. Are you a dairy lover? Then you better stop eating the dairy (minus goat's milk products) and realize that dairy clogs up the sinuses.

So how to cure a sinus infection!?

Your bowel movements are extremely important to keep regular. I always say that bowels are the basis of life. They really are. Jethro Kloss recommends taking an enema. Or, for a less abrasive remedy, refer to Gillian McKeith's detox (scroll down for all the Parts) and do that for four days. That should clear you out.

Start you day with warm water with lemon. That helps get the fluids in the body moving.

In addition, Kloss recommends drinking 100% juices (no added sweeteners) consistently and eating raw green veggies.

From Back to Eden: "At times cold applications over the sinuses will give great relief; and at other times alternate hot and cold applications. Use whichever gives you the most relief. Have a pan of both hot and cold water available. Bathe the whole face with hot water, as hot as you can stand; then briefly apply the cold water."

Herbal Treatments:
Make this concoction or herbal liniment that is from Jethro Kloss but can be found in this article on Mother Earth News. Apply the herbal liniment over the sinuses. Rub it in well. Inhale it also.

From Back to Eden: "To cleanse and heal the nose, make tea of bayberry bark or golden seal. Use a teaspoon to a cup of boiling water; let it simmer for thirty minutes; strain when cool or just warm; sniff it up the nose, getting it up both sides, one side a time; this will cleanse and heal at the same time."

DISCLAIMER: These are just suggestions and not moderated by the FDA so make sure that you consult a physician to make sure this works for you. Herbs, although all natural, can be very potent and have dangerous effects on the body if not taken properly. Just keep that in mind. xo

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