Monday, October 6, 2008

Sore Eyes

I am having major eye issues. Not just today, but yesterday too. They feel sore, dry, listless and the stinging is just plain awful. I'm here at work finding it very hard to do anything. The best feeling is to keep them closed, but that's not going to fly at my job. So luckily I have my Back to Eden book by Jethro Kloss which gives natural remedies for most any ailment.

Here's what Kloss has to say about sore eyes:
Causes: Eye troubles may be caused from a deficient diet. The eating of unhealthful foods and drinks such as tea, coffee, condiments, alcohol, as well as the use of tobacco, weakens the nerves and hinders the free circulation of blood to the eyes.

Unhealthful foods and drinks cause impure blood, and when the circulation carries impure blood to the eyes it weakens them. The all-important thing is to eat food that will give you a pure bloodstream. inflammation of the eyes from any cause will greatly benefit by the following treatment.

Treatment: For eye trouble it will be necessary to correct the diet and leave off all harmful foods and drinks. Get plenty of sleep in a well-ventilated room. Cleanse the system thoroughly with blood-purifying herbs such as Echinacea, fruit and fruit juices, and cleansing vegetables such as cucumbers, carrots, celery and leafy greens.

Take the juice of a lemon every morning one hour before breakfast in a cup of hot water. Steep one teaspoon of red raspberry leaves and one teaspoon of witch hazel leaves in a cup of boiling water, and strain through a cloth. When using the powder, use one-half teaspoonful in a cup of water. Saturate a soft cloth with this tea and apply it as a wet pack to the eyes or bathe the eyes with it often, using an eye cup (or shot glass). Fennel tea is excellent when taken internally. It will benefit the eyes as it strengthens them. When used in an eye cup, dilute one-third with water.

Charcoal or Slippery Elm poultices, applied cold to the yes, will relieve inflammation.

An excellent eyewash for everyday use as well as when there is particular difficulty is the following: one teaspoon of Golden Seal and one level teaspoon of boric acid (not sure where to find this, but click here for alternative idea) dissolved in a pint of boiling water; shake well and let settle. You may pour off the liquid, or use just as is.

Hot and cold applications to the eyes with a heavy wash cloth will relieve itching and soreness. Aloe Vera gel applied to the eyelids relieves itching and burning eyes.
So hopefully this helps. I recognize my problem was the lack of health in my life this week. Between my friend, Heather's birthday and my vacation to Santa Barbara with my mother for her birthday, I did not give my body the best treatment.

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