Thursday, November 20, 2008

Goat's Milk

So...I'm in love. Last week I went to Whole Foods and found, gasp!, Meyenberg GOAT'S MILK! It's was under $4 and it's simply delicious. I have used it in practically everything and it tastes beautiful. The taste is just thicker and richer than regular cow's milk, think half and half with 2% milk. If you buy it and do not care for it, then use it for baking so it doesn't go to waste! But goat's milk products digest more smoothly down your digestive tract than cow's milk - - NO GAS! I'm lactose intolerant and so far no upset stomach.

Click here to learn more about Meyenberg's products!


Farmer boy said...

Have you ever tried raw cow's milk? People who are lactose interolent can drink it because the enzymes that break down the lactose are still present. Pasteurization kills them.

Leila said...

i love meyenberg! it's amazing and i use it for my morning cappucinos. i got the trader joe's brand goats milk once and it wasn't as smooth and silky :)