Monday, December 29, 2008

I.V. Please...

I don't know about any of you, but I basically would really enjoy an IV of wheat grass or perhaps just raw foods injected into my jugular vein. I have eaten some of the yummiest foods, but I am in major need of detoxing. I am currently detoxing from coffee, which some of you may know is very hard. I have been up super late packing, moving, stressing, etc.-ing and felt the only way to function at work was to drink coffee, lattes, etc. So after drinking the equivalent of around 2-4 cups a day for the past three weeks, I finally used this holiday break to detox from the drug. The first two days were a little tough, but I feel 1000x more marvelous without that shizzle in my system. If you can believe even Mother Health has fits of gnarly eating habits, it's true. I'm human, but I always keep in mind - - MODERATION: 80% Good, 20% _____. :D In other words, these two weeks of Christmas - New Years Eve are the 20% and the rest of my life equals the 80%. I kid, I kid.

The holiday is not over, but bouncing back will be easy - - just enjoy life and the holidays and we'll detox in the new year with the Gillian McKeith plan from You Are What You Eat and of course, DETOX FROM ALCOHOL!! If you're really eating like crap, just make it a goal to eat a raw salad or raw dark leafy greens with most meals. At the very least, go by some lettuce and sprouts with a simple vinagrette, apple cider vinegar or lemon dressing. Your bowels will thank you! And drink warm water with lemon slice every morning to get your gastric juices flowing and digestion running smooth. Throw in a miso soup (get the packets from Trader Joe's) if possible, great stuff for constipation... AND, if you're near a Whole Foods (or as some love to call it, Whole Paycheck) grab the Digestion Tea ($5). Ask the nutritionist there where the heck you can find it. I get so lost in that area.

I must also comment that I have received a plethora of Mother Health emails! Really, I cannot believe it and I look forward to answering every single one! Keep the questions coming I will research away this new year.

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