Thursday, December 4, 2008

Roasted/Toasted Almonds &Thyme

Mmm. I was hungry the other night as I was packing up my home, enjoying a glass of wine and thought, I need my protein. Of course at this point my fridge is totally empty minus a few contents in the freezer: cheap vodka, sprouted wheat bread, ice cubes and my nuts! Ha! I always keep my nuts in the freezer :). Keeps them cool. Am I the only one laughing here? Anyway, so I see almonds and remind myself of the yummy almond snacks that many wine bars provide. So I tried to make my own rendition and think I succeeded and possibly even surpassed their recipes! Roasted/Toasted Almonds with Thyme.

I took two handfuls of almonds and threw them on a hot skillet. No oil. I toasted them over the pan for maybe 5 min., shaking the skillet frequently, moving the almonds around so they roast evenly. Roasting can damage some of the good fats and other nutrients in nuts, so the more raw, the more nutritional benefits. So toast them enough to bring out a bit of the flavor of the almonds. Just before you take it off the stove, add sea salt - just a few pinches and mix. Take the skillet off the fire and dribble extra virgin olive oil over the almonds - just enough to glaze over all the almonds. Pour over a paper towel and pat dry. Put in a serving bowl. Add more salt, as desired, and then sprinkle on thyme - just enough for a hint of flavor and mix. OMfreakingG! It's delicious and yummy, especially with some wine.

Next time I'll take a picture!

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