Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Transition period... ALMOST OVER!

My current state of major transition is coming to an end. Thank the bloody Lord. I move into a new apt., my life will seem and feel way more stable than living out of boxes at my parents or surfing the couches of friends. I hate feeling like I'm imposing on others, but boy am I grateful for all the love I'm surrounded by. Once I'm settled, my blog entries will be far more consistent and more numerous than these past two months. Life is changing and it feels seriously WONDERFUL! I have purged and continue to purge all these negative toxins (vices, people, habits, etc.) and I'm ready for the next stage in my life. HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! GET READY FOR A HEALTHY 2009! And get ready for some major detoxing after this holiday season. People are feeding their problems with really bad food and vices - that definitely includes me!!

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