Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Transitioning with Blue Corn Pancakes...

One of the most delightful things about life transitions are mothers. Mothers provide warmth, happiness and in my case, blue corn pancakes, the healthy alternative to other types of pancakes... and they're DELICIOUS! Blue corn contains about 30% more protein and 8% less starch (lower glycemic index) than other corns, the texture is far more scrumptious, they sometimes tend to help with issues of constipation (in case you needed help in that area), they're flavor is sweeter than regular corn and blue corn is just prettier to look at. I've talked about blue corn pancakes before! But tis the season to eat down to earth meals. The healthier your choices, the less weight you gain during the holidays! ENJOY!

Check out this website on BLUE CORN!

I buy my blue corn pancake mix from WAR EAGLE MILLS.

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Holly said...

Ha... so funny!!! My mom made us blue corn pancakes while I was in Albuquerque for Thanksgiving. It's her favorite southwest treat! (next to green chile burgers).