Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Chicks With Knives

So just sitting here at my desk, tired as hell, drinking my lemon water, smelling the yumminess of my miso soup, trying to get my mind in WORK MODE! Anyhoot. I just had to share with you my experience on Sunday evening. I have brought to your attention before the supper club put on by Chicks With Knives. Pace Webb and Rachael Narins started this awesome sustainable supper club using only local and organic ingredients. I had the pleasure of volunteering for their last meal on Sunday for 54 people and the menu included:

Carrot-Fennel Soup with House-Made Crackers &
Black Olive Tapanade
Smoked Mushroom Salad with Red Mustard &
Cepe Oil Vinaigrette
Steamship Style Beef Short Ribs with
Root Vegetable Mash & Hash

Sticky Almond Cake with Blood Orange Curd &
Meyer Lemon Sugar Glass

It is worth every penny and more. The meal was INCREDIBLE!!!! And their dedication to serve quality food and their respect to Mother Nature by recycling, composting and reusing left over foods, plastics, foil, you name it, is an inspiration and reminds me to never get lazy when it comes to saving the planet. CHECK THEM OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

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