Monday, February 2, 2009

Dandelion Apple Juice

Amazing. The last entry was the 400th post!!!!

I have been back into juicing and I mean REALLY BACK! Doing it all the time. I went to the farmer's market on Melrose Place (near La Cienega) yesterday and picked up some mighty fresh and organic dandelion weeds. I thought it would make a great spinach-like dish, or could be wonderful for juicing.

Dandelion, or "lion's tooth," is a common weed found mainly in the northern hemisphere, although I find it near dumpsters mid-city. But I wouldn't suggest using those. The leaves are an amazing source of Vitamin A and is amazing in the digestive department. In fact after my apple-dandelion juice this morning, my system was CLEANED OUT! It's great for constipation AND water retention. Read more about dandelion.

Juice them in the order below - soft items before hard items.

a handful of dandelion leaves w/ stems attached
2 apples (fuji has the most juice)


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