Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Experimental Dinner: Dandelion and Quinoa

So I'm a little under the weather, nothing to write home about, but no doubt I'm sick. Boo. Anyway, last night I wanted to make a nutritious, light and simple meal. I had quinoa pre-made from Sunday night. I try and make a big batch once a week so that I just have it around to throw in salads, or to reheat and make with a simple side dish.

So, I had some dandelion that I purchased from the farmer's market on Sunday. Most farmer's markets should have dandelion. In a pan, I put about 4 tbsp of water. I cut the dandelion in thirds and used the entire plant, stem to leaf in the pan and sauteed them until steamed, added pepper and the quinoa, stirred and voila! It was a delicious, simple, healthy dish. It took maybe 5 min. to make. And the cost of the meal, maybe $1. NO JOKE.

Can I be honest, that I am not sure how much of the nutrients from the dandelion is lost when prepared this way, but I look at it as, well, isn't this a crap load healthier than the dollar menu at Micky D's?!!!!!!!!! So enjoy!


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