Thursday, February 26, 2009


All you Catholics and non-Catholics out there!!!! Use this LENT TIME to detox!!! I am going to attempt NO COFFEE AND a life SANS alcohol. Well, perhaps the occasional bottle, I mean glass, of red wine, but that's it. But truthfully, going to try to not drink until Easter! I could use a glass now after the day I've had, but instead will settle for a nice leaf of KALE to satisfy my alchy tooth. I kid, I kid. But, withdrawals are part of detoxing. I will just surround myself with good friends as a distraction instead. So tonight heading over to my friends, Farmer Jules' and Cait's house for a nice meal, SANS WINE (Lord give me the strength to resist!). I'm also going to attempt to not swear (I'm a sailor), which is like giving up oxygen for me. But it's worth an effing try. Want to beautify the soul, as well as my physical features.


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CactusFreek said...

Hey :o)
This is a fun blog to look around.
Gillian McKeith is absolutely awesome! I have her book close by at all times. I'm glad i found someone else who thinks she's great too :o)
I'm one of these fat, lazy couch potatoes who abused my body with all sorts of crap. But i'm learning how to change, because i don't want that for myself anymore.
Blogs like yours are great learning tools. Thanks :o)