Thursday, February 19, 2009

Strawberry Green Juice/ Kale Apple Juice

Well, sitting here in my apartment in workout clothes at 7:23am, drinking a cafe latte, yes I'm a crack addict today, watching my cat, Thunder, beg me for some scratches and trying to decide what juice to make right now. I am still under the weather, which we know drinking espresso isn't great for, but, like in the words of Auntie Mame, "I want to live, live, LIVE!" I'm rather enjoying being naughty today - - my latte is delish!

Anyway, yesterday I had two great juices, and I will say I prefer one over the other, but variety is the spice of life.

Strawberry Green Juice
(to be blended in this order)

1 bunch of nettle
2 stems of kale
4 strawberries
1 carrot

This was pretty good. Tasted like strawberries and I got all my vitamins. But my absolute favorite juice of the moment...

Kale Apple Juice
(to be blended in this order)

3 stems of kale
1 whole apple(Fuji is best)

While Kale is a rather bitter leaf, but blended with a Fuji apple, it turns into a plethora of sweetness, bringing out the flavor of the apple. OMG! It's a little bit of heaven on earth.

Ok, both juices cost MAYBE $1 each. MAYBE. That's worst case. How much would Robeks or Jamba Juice be? AND, they are filled with sugar, frozen products and give you brain freeze. Lame.

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