Thursday, March 12, 2009

Confessions of a Nicotine Addict

Mother Health is indeed human...

I just need to get the Truth out. I hate keeping secrets, especially from my precious readers. And I think showing one's true self, their vulnerable self, ain't a bad thing whatsoever. That being said, let me just spit it out... I have been nicotine free for one month! Well, tomorrow is one month. Nicotine free??? Mother Health smoked???? I bet some of you are stunned. Mother Health? Really? I don't know why, but during my transition period (which if some of you don't know, began mid-October) I decided to pick up cigarettes again. This was after being clean from nicotine for exactly three years (I quit September 30 2005). Don't ask me why, cause I don't know. I felt I needed a vice during that difficult time. Nothing can prepare you for transitions. I was aware of my transition period one month prior to it happening, but still, you don't realize what a bumpy ride it is until you go through it. We have all been there. It was a brief moment of vulnerability and weakness. But I knew I needed to give it up smoking and get rid of the toxins that had contaminated my lungs.

I smoked my very first cigarette at the age of 9 with my German step-grandmother. I begged her for it. I didn't cough. I smoked the entire thing. By 13 I LOVED visiting Grandma so that I could have a cigarette. By 16, I started smoking after school. By 18 I went to Europe and smoked up to 2 packs a day for about a month. By 23, I was sick of it. I was only smoking roughly 1-3 cigarettes a day and just wanted to quit. My mom (God bless her) gave me Allen Carr's "Easy Way to Stop Smoking" which changed my life and actually segued into my obsession with nutrition. I quit by page 27 of the book, with hardly any cravings. I recommend Carr's book for any struggling smoker. You don't have to "want" to quit to read it. Just read it to see what I mean. You have nothing to lose.

So after October when I started my smoking habit again I started reading the book, but did not finish it ... yet. In addition, I saw a hypnotherapist. Now I have always been skeptical of hypnosis. I don't understand how people can be totally out of it because some person tells them they are. But after experiencing it myself I realize it's really just a form of meditation. I was fully aware of what was going on during the entire process, but I felt listless, my head felt heavy. I came to feeling no different than before. The only difference when I woke was, I was no longer a smoker. I will say, I had more cravings this time than the first time I quit. But my will power is so strong. I have only a few pages of Carr's book to finish and I believe once I finish it, my withdrawals from smoking will disappear.

Just a brief history on Allen Carr, he smoked five packs a day. 5 PACKS A DAY!!!! Carr was hypnotized after exhausting every option to quit. The hypnosis worked for him. His book is basically the explanation of his hypnosis experience and gives a smoker a totally new way of looking at why they are actually smoking. Smokers don't really enjoy smoking, they're brainwashed to think they do. He also believes there is no such thing as cravings or withdrawals. How can you crave something that tastes so disgusting??? Read the book to understand why.

No matter if you are a social smoker or a heavy smoker, smoking is smoking. But, there is a way for you to quit. It's just a matter of finding the technique that works for you. KISSES!

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ryder said...

well said. congratulations & good luck!