Monday, March 23, 2009


Before you read this entry, first watch the video in the last entry.


Ok, now how pissed are you? I know, I know. Well, I was thinking, why are we letting lobbyists decide what goes in our children's stomachs? It should be the parents/caretakers who have full control over what their kids eat? NO? Am I right, or am I right? Working parents, no exception. Teach your kids to make their own lunches if you are unable to. There is no reason why children should not eat healthy EVERYDAY!

Look, the weight issue in this country is FRIGHTENING! When are people going to realize this???? Don't let a stranger dictate what our kids eats.

EMAIL ME FOR LUNCH IDEAS! I will try and post some this week.

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vulpinious said...

im sorry =( i didnt mean to get your hopes up. i was just checking in on if you have discovered one yet because im getting desperate. but i will still be on the hunt.