Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Thrift shopping -- it is quite possibly my most favorite thing to do in the world. When you've rummaged through junk to find amazing items, there is really nothing more thrilling than perhaps sky diving after you have SCORED! I've been doing it for ages and I can say that I am quite the pro. Most my furniture, knick knacks, clothes, etc. are found at thrift stores. I would say that 75% of my belonging (minus my intimates) are thrift store finds and I am quite proud of that. I have saved so much money and purchased things like weird instruments, that I normally would never think to buy. Recently, at my favorite Goodwill I found an Ana Sui dress ($7), a Michael Kors dress shirt ($5.99), Escada sweat pants ($4.99), and amazing vintage finds (priceless). Most my furniture, minus my bed and bookshelves, were found at the freaking Goodwill for so damn cheap!

People, look at the economy, think of all you could save, think of how you are contributing to the environment by recycling someone else's junk and making it your treasure.

Thrifting is an art and requires so much patience, but only at first. Once you become a pro, you know exactly where to look, you can quickly eye good quality brands, fabrics and materials and be out of there in a jiffy. But it's my version of Breakfast at Tiffany's... just much more affordable and cooler. Spend one hour in a thrift store, go through every rack, every nook and cranny before you decide to give up because you haven't found anything, and make it a goal to go consistently because one week might be a miss, but the next week you might find gold. I agree, not all thrift stores are worthy, but the Goodwills, the Salvation Army's, the Out of the Closets, or whatever local thrift stores are in your area, should have at least a couple things that will catch your eye and will make your life complete. And perhaps you don't find what you're looking for, but you notice that those Marc Jacobs pants that aren't your size would look great on your mom, or that fancy name brand purse you found for $10 might make you some extra cizzash on eBay.

Check out my last apartment and all the cute things I found. Perhaps it's not your style, but you get the idea of how to make thrift stores work. It's easy!!! It's recycling!!! It's CHEAP!!! It's so much freaking FUN!!!

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Caribbean Ressurection said...

Hi Mother Health...I was looking at pics of your apt and the rattan ottoman that you saw in Italian Elle (Decor?) is by a midcentury Italian designer named Franco Albini...http://www.architonic.com/mus/8100004/1
I used to work at a store that sold them. It's a good find!