Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Friday Bus Ride...

Good morning!

Well, last Friday was a glorious day. I had the awesome privilege of not only leaving work early, but (for all you art lovers out there, get ready to be a little bit jealous) got to see the philanthropist, Eli Broad's, coveted contemporary art collection at his Foundation in Santa Monica. I brought my friend Alex who was equally impressed. It really was MIND-BLOWING! Thanks to my sister for pulling some strings for us, because it's quite difficult to be allowed to see the collection. For an hour and a half, I forgot all the troubles of the world and filled my mind with six floors of some amazing, beautiful, thought-provoking art. Good stuff. So it was because of this that I really didn't mind my 2 hour and 15 minute bus ride from Santa Monica to my home in the Miracle Mile area. Yes, 2 hours and 15 min. Sigh. One of the main thoroughfares in Los Angeles, Wilshire Blvd., decided to be blocked off for the afternoon. :) Traffic was a nightmare and detours needed to be made. But, I had my New Yorker, I had good memories of a wonderful day and the realization that in this traffic I was not using my gas and it was only costing me a mere $1.25. To sit in a bus with lovely strangers, not worry about driving and get to read is rather priceless. The bus, in the words of Martha Stewart, is a good thing. :D

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