Sunday, April 5, 2009


I can't sleep! A few weeks ago, I took a fantastic herbalism class, Fundamentals of Herbalism. Santa Monica College has some wonderful community classes. I had also enrolled in Holistic Nutrition, which was canceled due to low enrollment. SAD! But back to my herbalism class - - Woah! I learned so much. The teacher, Joanne Cohen, is so knowledgeable and eager to spread the truth about herbs. Herbs are so powerful and wonderful and natural!

So what to do if you can' sleep? Well, if this is a chronic issue for you, examine your lifestyle to see if factors about your life contribute to lack of sleep: caffeine intake, stress levels, etc. But if not being able to sleep is an occasional thing, there are herbs to help!

There are many herbs that can assist with sleep. The one I have personally tried is Valerian. Ingested as a tincture, or alcoholic extract of an herb, mixed with a glass of water, has the most potent effect. Make sure you purchase your tinctures or any herbs you from a reliable source. Small manufacturers are best because they really aim to provide a quality product.

Valerian is a perennial plant that was originally found in Europe and parts of Asia. Not only is it great for sleep, but if you suffer from anxiety, like me, it calms your mind. Every person is different, and like all forms of medicine, it can effect people differently. While this herb works for me, it may not work for everyone. But don't give up so easily. Research other herbs, like Skullcap or Chamomile, to see what works for you.

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