Thursday, May 21, 2009

I've Been Walking...

Last night I decided to make the courageous attempt of walking from my friend's apartment in Beverly Hills to the Urth Cafe on Melrose in West Hollywood. Now if you're from LA, you know that is a pretty far walk. If you're not, check out the distance below (A to B).

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But in reality, it's not THAT far. It took me a little over an hour and my stroll and sightings really got me thinking. People's relationship with Los Angeles is so disconnected and I really believe a big part of that is due to all the driving. People drive everywhere, no matter how close or far. How much can you take in when you're confined to this bubble with wheels going 50 mph? Not much, if anything.

So up Doheny Blvd. I went, walking in my new Urban Outfitter tennis shoes... without socks (bad idea), carrying my too heavy LL Bean Boat Tote, holding my pepper spray in my right hand, just in case, and of course squeezing my buns together for that extra workout. About every 100 yards, I would look over my shoulder scouting out any potential freaks. Eh, make that every few steps. To everyone who was watching me twitch my head, I looked like a normal person... a schizophrenic normal-looking person. I turned down Wilshire Blvd. (going East), probably my absolutely favorite street in all of Los Angeles, and started walking from Doheny to La Cienega. Most of Wilshire Boulevard from Santa Monica to Downtown LA is all businesses. I used to love driving down Wilshire towards Downtown to look at the old architecture and the tall buildings... it reminds me of New York City. But walking is a whole other experience. The cool air, the big city blocks, the loud cars - - I was really feeling the city. I took in everything. I observed every store, all the architecture. I stared at the amazing mid-century modern furniture at two stores, I saw the security guard at one building sitting in his station, looking at a pocket mirror, coiffing his hair; I saw the second floor of a business with massive vintage rock posters adorning the walls - what could that be!?; I passed by Bombay Palace, a beautiful Indian restaurant, where a HUGE tour of Indians were standing outside. There must have been two dozen women wearing sari's of the most breathtaking assortment of colors. Would I have ever noticed these things couped up in a car? Probably not. It was just past this point that I could feel the pain on my heels. Blisters were forming from not wearing socks, and while I had the choice to take the bus, I decided to push through the pain. I also did not have enough change for any bus until I got to Melrose. Actually, I didn't have any change at all! I was being sneaky and using a bus transfer from earlier that had already expired. I figured if the bus driver wouldn't let me on the bus, I would just walk the rest of the way home - - but my blisters! Anyway, I walked all the way to La Cienega and headed north. La Cienega, also known as restaurant row, is a bit of a lonely street. There's not much to see, minus the restaurant fronts and the valet stations with tired young men falling asleep on the job. My dad tells me to not be too nice to the strangers on the sidewalk because you never know who has a gun, but I like saying "hello," "good day," "beautiful weather we're having..." It's fun to see people's reactions - - they either smile and respond or think you're a schizophrenic normal-looking person. So I said "Hi!" to the people I passed. Most were smilers.

When you've walked this far, you start to think of strange things like, "Where is everyone going?" You start to wonder about other people's lives. "What's their story?" At this point, the pain in my heels was killing me and I was starting to feel discouraged about how much further I had to walk, until, to my left (West side of the street) I saw the new SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills. I've been so curious about this place since it opened, especially José Andrés' new restaurant Bazaar, which is like a chemistry lab more than an actual restaurant. Not sure how healthy foie gras with cotton candy is, but what an experience for the taste buds. Can't wait to try it. Anyway, I walked up to the hotel and peered inside. The decor resembles the pages of Alice in Wonderland, with beautiful modern furniture and lovely, quirky trinkets and design touches. Really unique and beautiful and a great distraction from thinking about my poor feet.

I eventually made it to Urth Cafe where I enjoyed my Urth Farmer's Salad and gazpacho. Never ate the gazpacho, but plan to eat it for dinner tonight. I got a ride from a friend home... thank God! I would have had to tippy toe all the way home, if I wasn't able to take the bus. I had one the best nights sleeps I have ever had and today my legs feel great. This is the first time in a couple weeks where I feel totally awake at work. Just need to remember socks next time.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I posted this a day ago, but my friend Sam Bergen neglected to tell me this is for a CONTEST!!! Please watch this video, send it to friends and VOTE. The contestant with the most votes and viewage WINS!!!! Sam is a really great guy and will really appreciate it...

Ya see? HE APPRECIATES IT!!!! Since you all are reading this, please do me that favor!!!!

I love you all! And thanks! ;)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Free Vitamin Recommendation...

I stopped taking vitamins after realizing that I wasn't quite sure what I needed, what I did not need, what might be harmful to my body, etc. Vitamins are not FDA regulated so it's important to research and be smart about what is put into our mouths. When I watched Eat for Optimum Health, I thought that Dr. Andrew Weil really gave good reasons for the vitamins he thinks people should be taking.


Natural Treats for Your Pets

Monday - Tuesday

I leave for Australia exactly one month from today and I am having the worst time getting my passport renewed. I refuse to pay the astronomical fee of having my passport expedited, but it may just come to that. I have not left the country (aside from Mexico) since I was 18 years old when my friend Leila and I spent nearly three months all over Europe, and before that I was 17 when I spent nearly two months in Spain (my second home). So basically I haven't left US soil in nearly 10 years. That is totally unacceptable. I am making it a rule of thumb to go abroad every year from now on and that is definitely an attainable goal now that I am saving so much money from not financing a new car or paying for car insurance. I LOVE IT!

The bus this morning was a gas. It was so crowded that I the driver only allowed passengers to hop on at the back of the bus, which meant the ride was freeeeeeeee. I left home especially early so I could it make it to the Federal Building at 7:30am to get the passport taken care of. When that was a bust, I decided to walk from there to work, squeezing my buns, holding in my core and finally picking up crack at Starbucks where the tunes of Vetiver (one of my fave bands) was playing (crazy!?) - - it's gonna be a great day.

Monday, May 18, 2009


A video by my friend, Sam Bergen!


(HAHAHAHA) I just love that title... thanks Alex.

I am a girl gone Weil! Dr. Andrew Weil is my new hero. Below is a debate between Dr. Andrew Weil, who is an advocate of combining alternative medical practices with conventional medical practices, and Dr. Steven Knope, an internist and sports medicine expert. Close-minded people DRIVE ME CRAZY! Despite the fact that holistic medicine has been around since the beginning of time, he totally refuses to see how integrative medicine works. He's ridiculous in this interview and his arguments are more slander than valid. While I see his concerns, his ego totally gets in the way of his point. TEAM WEIL!

Too Much Birthday

You can probably tell from my lack of entries that my birthday week was quite a success, but I am so happy for it to be OVER! I feel gross. Starting last Saturday, May 9th, a wonderful dinner with the family and a couple friends, followed by Mother's Day (my actual bday) and dinner at my apartment with my mom and a couple friends, followed by drinks with friends, more drinks with friends, dinner with friends, rollerskating with friends, karaoke with friends, more dinner and drinks and ending with a fantastic last day sunbathing at the pool of a fancy hotel with my dear friend Alex and, get this... the members of KINGS OF LEON!!!, who are hubba hubba. I only tanned next to them and gawked, never uttered a word, but what a birthday gift!!!!!!!!!! Praise the Heavens!

And so, after this fun-filled, over-gluttonous birthday, I am gradually getting back on track with my exercise and eating well. Around 6pm last night I got home, sunburned (today I'm tan) and bloody tired, literally crawled into bed and put on a Netflix movie: Eating Well for Optimum Health by Dr. Andrew Weil - my new nutrition LOVE! I'm a little behind the times. The guys been around forever.

Any of his videos seem pretty awesome:

Speaking of videos, I've been watching Kings of Leon vids all day long. Sigh. :D

Mar Vista Mom

My friend, Kerry, was featured on the Mar Vista Mom blog, which has been featured on Oprah! Her Kohlrabi Slaw sounds delicious!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Best Mistake Ever!

So like I said, I made wild rice. After about 20 or so minutes of the rice cooking, I got a phone call from a dear friend, and in typical Kobritz fashion, totally forgot about the rice and burned it. I only realized this because, well, I smelled something burning. I thought for sure the rice was no good, but of course tried to salvage what I could. I put the rice in a bowl, took a tablespoon of unsalted butter and let it melt, stirred the batch and took a bite. OMgoodness. It was crunchy, sort of barbecue-y and totally delicious!!! Will add a very nice texture to my experimental Asian salad tomorrow for lunch. It can't hurt to slightly over-cook the rice. A beautiful mistake.

Whole Paycheck!?

Yes, that's what I normally call Whole Foods market. It's so damn expensive. But, today after I lost my transfer for the 720 bus and realized I had no cash, I went to Whole Paycheck to do some shopping and get cash back and realized there is a way to shop without spending an arm and a leg. In fact, I probably purchased enough food from now until next Monday or Tuesday and only spent $20. Amazing! So, my trick!? Well, I went to the produce section and looked at which dark leafy greens were cheapest -- meaning under $2. I bought three: green kale, watercress and red leaf lettuce. I then went to the fruit section and purchased blackberries on sale for $2.99, one pear and 2 lemons. I picked up my Waleda toothpaste, toasted sesame oil and went to the checkout counter and found they had organic 77% Belgian dark chocolate on sale for $1.99. DESSERT! My total was around $21. I was very happy. So I get home, after my lovely bus ride, did some laundry and started cooking for tomorrow. I made some wild rice, washed my red lettuce and decided that for tomorrow's lunch the menu will consist of a delicious salad of diced carrots (which I already had), lettuce and the wild rice (which I purchased a month ago and still have plenty of). I am going to try and make an Asian-inspired dressing with the sesame oil. That will be an experiment and if it's good, I'll blog the recipe.

Currently in my fridge I have organic yogurt (not goat's milk, but oh well), a whole grapefruit, an apple, nuts, frozen chicken breasts, miso soup, almond meal, 1/2 an avocado and I'm sure a few other things. So for breakfast I will have yogurt with almond meal, maybe throw in some crushed cashews and 1/2 the pear. For lunch I will have my experimental Asian salad. For a snack, the 1/2 avocado with some sea salt. And for my sweet tooth, a piece of the 77% dark chocolate with a few of the blackberries. While I was making the rice I had my delicious kale and apple juice. I threw in about 3 leaves of kale and a Pink Lady apple. YUM!

Simple, cheap, delicious and most importantly SUPER HEALTHY!

UCLA and the Environment...

My friend Sarah's blog entry!

Friday, May 8, 2009

What's Your Body Type

Click on the link below, then scroll down and take the test. Then Google what your results are, and read up about your type.

Can I go home?

I'm at work where the Internet connection sucks. I was very much looking forward to my non-moderation lunchtime (I'll get to what that means in a sec.) filled with a turkey club sandwich, a Martinelli's Sparkling Apple Cider and, of course, multiple Family Ties episodes on, and now, I can't watch them because of the dumb Internet. I am beyond annoyed. But, whatever. I am also, extremely tired after staying up past 1 am. On the bus this morning, I was so tired I read the same column in the New Yorker for 30 min. straight. I kept day dreaming, and could not concentrate, plus the weirdo next to me just kept staring at me and saying, "Hola" in a really creepy Poltergeisty voice. "Hooooola." It reminded me of the scene in Ferris Bueller's Day Off when Ferris's sister, Jeannie (played by the wonderful Jennifer Grey), is at the police station and Charlie Sheen's character, with no name, just stares at her. But the difference between my scenario and theirs, I wouldn't mind if Charlie Sheen was saying "Hola" to me in a creepy Poltergeisty voice. The way he looked back then, he could say whatever the heck he wants! Anyway. I ignored the weirdo all the way to work. But back to why I'm tired - - I stayed up past 1 am after catching the new Star Trek movie, which was REALLY entertaining. Sure, fell asleep a few times, but overall, thoroughly impressed! This girl sitting in front of me won the Treky Raffle for a free Treky hat and free Treky poster. DAMN IT. I totally missed out. ;) When she stood up to accept her gift, I noticed she was wearing a very revealing Star Trek outfit. I dubbed her, "Sexy Treky."

Anyway, let's talk about "non-moderation." While I totally believe in moderation 100%, I have mentioned before that around Christmas and my birthday I like to be a little naughtier than normal. Well, not full force naughty, but I let myself go, so to speak, but follow it with strict regime of eating very well and exercising a lot. For two weeks now, I have hardly slept, so I have allowed myself to slowly become a crack addict...again, I mean with lattes, cappuccinos, etc. In addition, last night I enjoyed a cone from McDonald's after the movies, oh and let's not forget the 1/4 of a meatball sub, but to my credit it was 1/4 of the sub and with a nice-sized salad and for lunch I totally redeemed myself with a super duper healthy lunch of Dover Sole, salad and sweet potato. Normally all this naughtiness would never fly, but my birthday is this weekend, on Mother's Day!!! I'm not worried. All day today, I've been walking all over my work doing lunges. I get strange looks, but mostly laughs. And at my desk, I just did lifts with phone book directories. Oh, and I do walk a lot now, now that I'm a car-less woman. When I walk, I speed walk and squeeze my buns together, and pull in my stomach (core) to get a real workout! Oh man, it works! You should try it. I'm trying to eat a ton of greens to compensate for my yummy cone from Micky D's, yummy birthday cake-to-come, yummy 1/4 of a meatball sub, yummy turkey club sandwich, and yummy whatever else I will get my hands on this weekend through next weekend. But truthfully, I don't feel so hot. It's the price you pay when you put crap in your body... you end up feeling like crap. Oh, and my skin doesn't look as hot as it does when I eat well. Oh, and I'm feeling bloated and not quite regular, if you know what I mean. Ugh.

Truthfully, from my exhaustion, to my bloating, to my skin, to my feeling totally unmotivated today, I'm beginning to think that best birthday gift to myself might be to treat my body well. Hmmm. Something to think about.

In the meantime, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! And Scotty, can you please beam me up with some freaking energy!?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Oh brother

My bum was invaded by a lovely hand on the bus yesterday morning. At first I thought, ok, this person behind me clearly lost his balance and happened to grace my bum with his hand. But no, that was not the case. The SOB continued to "accidentally" touch my bum until I turned around and gave him the stink eye and the "if you don't stop right now I will knee you where the sun don't shine." It stopped, especially after I blocked my bum with my purse. The bus was SUPER crowded yesterday. I hardly had room to breath, let alone defend myself from creepos. Yuck. Doesn't discourage me though. I still love the bus.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rethink Oprah!

This guy is awesome and so right! Thanks Noel for sharing this!

Monday, Monday - being reported on Wednesday,Wednesday

"There is an eloquence in true enthusiasm."

~ Edgar Allen Poe
(Is Edgar smiling??? : )

Well, well, well. I really should be working right now considering how much I have to do. SO MUCH! So Monday, I rush out of work right at 5:30pm so I can make my Culver City bus. I'm surprisingly early, so I sit down at the bus stop, open my New Yorker Magazine and finish this article on the life of Edgar Allen Poe. Poe dealt with so much misfortune. It's understandable he is known as a poet of macabre. And in the theme of eerie, while I was reading - - BANG! - - three-car accident happens right in front of me! (So glad I don't drive anymore!) SHIZZLE! I'm starting to think I have a car accident magnet in my body? I recover from my shock, get on my Culver City bus, sit down and continue reading the Gothic article. The woman next to me is very upset and talking very loudly on her cell phone. My ears stand erect and I can't help but listen. I conclude that her best friend just lost his job and now must sell his house - - his future and family is uncertain. Ugh. Terrible. I quickly finish the article and put the toxic magazine away, at the very bottom of my purse.

What I have come to realize in these times of dreariness, is it's so important to keep our heads up, to dust ourselves off after we've hit the ground, to never give up! What good can we find in this economic drought and this overall feeling of lost hope? Well, for one thing, no one is alone. The world suffers together. In a way, that's comforting, knowing that I am not the only person who feels, well, depressed. I felt pretty dismal after my last car accident and after some other personal matters, including a rather bleak financial existence - - it all started to weigh me down. So, I started to write down everything I was grateful for from having a roof over my head, food to eat, for the family and friends in my life, my blog, my readers; to even the superficial things, like being grateful for nice eyebrows... I really like them! hahaha. Every little thing you are grateful for, WRITE IT DOWN. It's amazing how your mind-set changes when you do this. You focus on the good in your life (no matter how small), rather than the bad and what you don't have. It's amazing the things you realize bring you happiness. Who knew that riding the bus would get my out of the funk I've been in for the past few months, that not having a car would end my financial struggles and that all this would make me a much happier, confident person?? I certainly did not. Life surprises you!

We are in a period of transition, something good is going to happen for everyone! Be grateful for everything and anything.