Monday, May 18, 2009

Too Much Birthday

You can probably tell from my lack of entries that my birthday week was quite a success, but I am so happy for it to be OVER! I feel gross. Starting last Saturday, May 9th, a wonderful dinner with the family and a couple friends, followed by Mother's Day (my actual bday) and dinner at my apartment with my mom and a couple friends, followed by drinks with friends, more drinks with friends, dinner with friends, rollerskating with friends, karaoke with friends, more dinner and drinks and ending with a fantastic last day sunbathing at the pool of a fancy hotel with my dear friend Alex and, get this... the members of KINGS OF LEON!!!, who are hubba hubba. I only tanned next to them and gawked, never uttered a word, but what a birthday gift!!!!!!!!!! Praise the Heavens!

And so, after this fun-filled, over-gluttonous birthday, I am gradually getting back on track with my exercise and eating well. Around 6pm last night I got home, sunburned (today I'm tan) and bloody tired, literally crawled into bed and put on a Netflix movie: Eating Well for Optimum Health by Dr. Andrew Weil - my new nutrition LOVE! I'm a little behind the times. The guys been around forever.

Any of his videos seem pretty awesome:

Speaking of videos, I've been watching Kings of Leon vids all day long. Sigh. :D

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