Friday, May 8, 2009

Can I go home?

I'm at work where the Internet connection sucks. I was very much looking forward to my non-moderation lunchtime (I'll get to what that means in a sec.) filled with a turkey club sandwich, a Martinelli's Sparkling Apple Cider and, of course, multiple Family Ties episodes on, and now, I can't watch them because of the dumb Internet. I am beyond annoyed. But, whatever. I am also, extremely tired after staying up past 1 am. On the bus this morning, I was so tired I read the same column in the New Yorker for 30 min. straight. I kept day dreaming, and could not concentrate, plus the weirdo next to me just kept staring at me and saying, "Hola" in a really creepy Poltergeisty voice. "Hooooola." It reminded me of the scene in Ferris Bueller's Day Off when Ferris's sister, Jeannie (played by the wonderful Jennifer Grey), is at the police station and Charlie Sheen's character, with no name, just stares at her. But the difference between my scenario and theirs, I wouldn't mind if Charlie Sheen was saying "Hola" to me in a creepy Poltergeisty voice. The way he looked back then, he could say whatever the heck he wants! Anyway. I ignored the weirdo all the way to work. But back to why I'm tired - - I stayed up past 1 am after catching the new Star Trek movie, which was REALLY entertaining. Sure, fell asleep a few times, but overall, thoroughly impressed! This girl sitting in front of me won the Treky Raffle for a free Treky hat and free Treky poster. DAMN IT. I totally missed out. ;) When she stood up to accept her gift, I noticed she was wearing a very revealing Star Trek outfit. I dubbed her, "Sexy Treky."

Anyway, let's talk about "non-moderation." While I totally believe in moderation 100%, I have mentioned before that around Christmas and my birthday I like to be a little naughtier than normal. Well, not full force naughty, but I let myself go, so to speak, but follow it with strict regime of eating very well and exercising a lot. For two weeks now, I have hardly slept, so I have allowed myself to slowly become a crack addict...again, I mean with lattes, cappuccinos, etc. In addition, last night I enjoyed a cone from McDonald's after the movies, oh and let's not forget the 1/4 of a meatball sub, but to my credit it was 1/4 of the sub and with a nice-sized salad and for lunch I totally redeemed myself with a super duper healthy lunch of Dover Sole, salad and sweet potato. Normally all this naughtiness would never fly, but my birthday is this weekend, on Mother's Day!!! I'm not worried. All day today, I've been walking all over my work doing lunges. I get strange looks, but mostly laughs. And at my desk, I just did lifts with phone book directories. Oh, and I do walk a lot now, now that I'm a car-less woman. When I walk, I speed walk and squeeze my buns together, and pull in my stomach (core) to get a real workout! Oh man, it works! You should try it. I'm trying to eat a ton of greens to compensate for my yummy cone from Micky D's, yummy birthday cake-to-come, yummy 1/4 of a meatball sub, yummy turkey club sandwich, and yummy whatever else I will get my hands on this weekend through next weekend. But truthfully, I don't feel so hot. It's the price you pay when you put crap in your body... you end up feeling like crap. Oh, and my skin doesn't look as hot as it does when I eat well. Oh, and I'm feeling bloated and not quite regular, if you know what I mean. Ugh.

Truthfully, from my exhaustion, to my bloating, to my skin, to my feeling totally unmotivated today, I'm beginning to think that best birthday gift to myself might be to treat my body well. Hmmm. Something to think about.

In the meantime, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! And Scotty, can you please beam me up with some freaking energy!?

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