Monday, May 18, 2009


(HAHAHAHA) I just love that title... thanks Alex.

I am a girl gone Weil! Dr. Andrew Weil is my new hero. Below is a debate between Dr. Andrew Weil, who is an advocate of combining alternative medical practices with conventional medical practices, and Dr. Steven Knope, an internist and sports medicine expert. Close-minded people DRIVE ME CRAZY! Despite the fact that holistic medicine has been around since the beginning of time, he totally refuses to see how integrative medicine works. He's ridiculous in this interview and his arguments are more slander than valid. While I see his concerns, his ego totally gets in the way of his point. TEAM WEIL!

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Caitlin said...

I love Andrew Weil, my mom gave me his books in college and I love the way he thinks! My grandma followed his book, "8 Weeks to Optimum Health" and she felt 1000 times better.