Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Monday - Tuesday

I leave for Australia exactly one month from today and I am having the worst time getting my passport renewed. I refuse to pay the astronomical fee of having my passport expedited, but it may just come to that. I have not left the country (aside from Mexico) since I was 18 years old when my friend Leila and I spent nearly three months all over Europe, and before that I was 17 when I spent nearly two months in Spain (my second home). So basically I haven't left US soil in nearly 10 years. That is totally unacceptable. I am making it a rule of thumb to go abroad every year from now on and that is definitely an attainable goal now that I am saving so much money from not financing a new car or paying for car insurance. I LOVE IT!

The bus this morning was a gas. It was so crowded that I the driver only allowed passengers to hop on at the back of the bus, which meant the ride was freeeeeeeee. I left home especially early so I could it make it to the Federal Building at 7:30am to get the passport taken care of. When that was a bust, I decided to walk from there to work, squeezing my buns, holding in my core and finally picking up crack at Starbucks where the tunes of Vetiver (one of my fave bands) was playing (crazy!?) - - it's gonna be a great day.

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