Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Whole Paycheck!?

Yes, that's what I normally call Whole Foods market. It's so damn expensive. But, today after I lost my transfer for the 720 bus and realized I had no cash, I went to Whole Paycheck to do some shopping and get cash back and realized there is a way to shop without spending an arm and a leg. In fact, I probably purchased enough food from now until next Monday or Tuesday and only spent $20. Amazing! So, my trick!? Well, I went to the produce section and looked at which dark leafy greens were cheapest -- meaning under $2. I bought three: green kale, watercress and red leaf lettuce. I then went to the fruit section and purchased blackberries on sale for $2.99, one pear and 2 lemons. I picked up my Waleda toothpaste, toasted sesame oil and went to the checkout counter and found they had organic 77% Belgian dark chocolate on sale for $1.99. DESSERT! My total was around $21. I was very happy. So I get home, after my lovely bus ride, did some laundry and started cooking for tomorrow. I made some wild rice, washed my red lettuce and decided that for tomorrow's lunch the menu will consist of a delicious salad of diced carrots (which I already had), lettuce and the wild rice (which I purchased a month ago and still have plenty of). I am going to try and make an Asian-inspired dressing with the sesame oil. That will be an experiment and if it's good, I'll blog the recipe.

Currently in my fridge I have organic yogurt (not goat's milk, but oh well), a whole grapefruit, an apple, nuts, frozen chicken breasts, miso soup, almond meal, 1/2 an avocado and I'm sure a few other things. So for breakfast I will have yogurt with almond meal, maybe throw in some crushed cashews and 1/2 the pear. For lunch I will have my experimental Asian salad. For a snack, the 1/2 avocado with some sea salt. And for my sweet tooth, a piece of the 77% dark chocolate with a few of the blackberries. While I was making the rice I had my delicious kale and apple juice. I threw in about 3 leaves of kale and a Pink Lady apple. YUM!

Simple, cheap, delicious and most importantly SUPER HEALTHY!

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