Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hemp Milk?

I was all prepared to take the bus home today, until I got a call from my mother insisting to pick me up. :D What a good woman. I was actually excited to exercise, but spending time with my mom sounded pretty nice. So we went to Whole Paycheck, I kid, I kid. Whole Foods can be cheap if you know what to buy. Anyway, I felt like treating myself to some yummy cocoa powder and some rice milk. Cocoa powder is as delicate to the pallet as wine. Chose wisely your cocoa powder, so that you can REALLY enjoy it. I figured a place like Whole Foods would have great quality and I would be able to get organic, fair trade. So I purchased Green & Black's Organic Cocoa Powder for about $5. There is no sweetener in this cocoa powder, so you must add your own. Looks good. I'm putting it to the test in a min. :D

While then looking for rice milk, I found Hemp Milk! I know you can make milk out of just about anything, but never thought they would box something like hemp milk. I purchased Living Harvest Hemp Milk Unsweetened for $3.99. Now I'm listening to White Lightning by The Babys while waiting for my milk to heat up! I'll give you an update on the hot cocoa in a bit.

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Hemp milk said...

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