Friday, June 5, 2009


AAAAAAAAAH! I just LOVE exercise now. How many of you love to exercise!? Ok, quite a lot of you. But then there are those of us who just have a hard time doing it. It makes you feel wonderful, happy, good about yourself... but for those of us who, let's just be honest, find exercise to be... for lack of a better word, tedious, we need a better plan of action. Typically, the type of personalities that are not big fans of exercising are those who love to procrastinate and can't see projects from finish to end. These are indeed my weaknesses, and for the most part, I have outgrown these challenges. Iit was until something actually forced me to exercise that I find myself exercising on a regular basis. Take my car accident, for example, I am without a car, and now see the joy in walking most places, squeezing my buns together for that extra workout!

The point of this ramble is, for those of you like me who find it hard to exercise, find a reason to force yourself too. I make sure to get off the bus a few stops early so that I walk a mile home everyday. Then once you get in the hang of it, you can't help but continue your good habit. Really!

Try it.

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BIO said...

OMG, you hit the nail right in the head. I'm a procastinator and I always beg off from any chance to do an excercise!