Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Meal Planning Continued....

Mmmmmkay. So this is the second follow up to the Meal Planning entry I wrote before. We had a couple comments from people that said spending $200 a month on 2 people is a lot. They actually spend less. I have yet to hear from them, but I'm hoping to get their grocery lists so I can share with you how to save money. Hopefully we'll hear soon. But, if you think about it, spending money on our health should be the most important thing and at the same level as rent, tuition, bills, etc. Now, let's be realistic, not everyone can afford that, so yes, compromises can be made... but I hope we're not sacrificing our health for shopping, etc. In this economy, no matter what we must be FRUGAL and smart about our money.

Ok.... but that being said, I received an email from my friend Kristin who gave me the idea to blog about Meal Planning and I find her input very insightful. People, what we put in our bodies is SO important. You cannot cheat the system... in this case the human body system.

Here's what Kristin wrote:

Hey Ladybug (hehe - I love that she calls me that!),

so i was just reading your blog and i guess i never saw the original post about my $200 budget. anyway, i went back and read it and started to think - - why that may still seem too expensive for some people, i think i have some more answers in addition to your awesome bottom line answer which is: buying organic healthy food that must be prepared!!

1) it's important to eat a variety of build up the immune system and fight off allergies. not to mention eating what's in season. my boyfriend reminded me that since we moved in together, i have not cooked the same thing twice! (i have no staples except my guilty pleasure of Trader Joe's Organic 3-Cheese pizza). But still, if I want to cook Moroccan, Greek, or Brazilian food, I will find a way to do it as inexpensively as possible. But perhaps I spend a little more on Saffron or organic meat. It is dirt cheap to eat spaghetti, PB'nJ, soup and cereal every day of your life but BLAH...i think the lycopene in the tomato sauce is the only decent ingredient!

2) spending extra on cancer fighting foods. i can't deny that i believe in the power-foods that fight off cancer: berries, salmon, leafy greens. though they are expensive, i always shift money around so I can eat berries every single day (even when they aren't in season - -which means a little more $$$$). and i only eat wild caught fish, never farm raised.

you are so right dahling, you must pay for what you put inside your temple!!



THAT'S MY GIRL! And that's the truth. Think of food/nutrition as a monthly bill that if you skip out on will HURT your credit. Listen, we're all in a bunch... but try and rearrange your budget to make your body your #1 priority.


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