Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sleepy Vitamin D

Was in my old hood last night in Eagle Rock, CA where I lived while attending Occidental College (where Obama went for two years). I too went there only 2 years after realizing art history and comparative literature, while fascinating, were not my calling. Anyway, ate at Casa Bianca, a great pizza house and then saw the BRILLIANT bands Entrance and Sleepy Sun at the Eagle Rock Center for the Arts with my friends Cait, Summer, Maya and Titian. Both bands are REAL performers. I got tickets for free by winning a blog contest for funniest joke. Damn!

Here's my joke:

A screw driver walks into a bar, sits down, leans over the counter and yells "Hey 'keep, can I get a drink over here?" The bartender nods and walks down and says, "You know, Screwdriver, we have a drink named after you." The Screwdriver says, "You have a drink named GARY!?"

HA! Yeah, keep reading it until it gets funny.
Get Sleepy Sun's new album Embrace - - out now!


Anonymous said...

don't forget about the entrance band too!

Mother Health said...

You're right! Ok...just incorporated them into the entry!!!