Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Collins Street - John Brack

There is truly nothing so amazing as Melbourne, Australia... I mean, of course there is, but right now, for me, this is it. It's winter here, pouring rain at the moment and it's so beautiful and clean and I can't think of any other place I would want to be. My cousins, who I am staying with, are off at the gym and I thought I'd stay behind to write in my journal and share with all of you my thoughts on travel. The beauty of traveling and seeing things beyond the comfort of our familiar horizons is so important. Get outside and see the world and all it has to offer... there's a LOT it offers! It isn't necessary to travel a million miles away in order to do this. I think when we get out of our zones we are able to live life to the fullest, we gain more perspective, we are able to objectively see what we can improve in our lives by seeing how others live theirs. I don't mean we should emulate and try to copy others, but sometimes we need other people to really see ourselves. I'm realizing that people all over the world are similar to us, going through similar circumstances and motions just like us. People over here struggle with economic tragedies, deaths, sickness, pms (haha), etc. yet how they deal with it is the example I wish more people would follow. If I were to never leave Los Angeles, I would only be familiar with the superficial, unrealistic way of life. Let's be honest, there is not many places in the world like LA -- you cannot deny the "Hollywood" aspect of it. I was born and raised dead center to this way of life. It's so nice to be in a place like Melbourne where no one cares what other people think. People don't feel the need to brag about how much money they have. There is hardly a homeless population, health care is way better, food is not run by big business, you know exactly where it comes from... and these are just a few things to look at. How amazing would it be if you could walk into a market and not worry about what you're buying, where it came from, what the heck is in it. Is it organic? Is it really chicken? How great would it be for the government to pay for health care, but also have the option of going to private institutions. Gosh, I would just love it if these things were available where I live... but I'm only aware that these are possibilies because I've now seen it exist elsewhere. Anyway... enough of my thoughts. But I cannot deny I am totally effected by the Aussie way of life, and definitely cannot ignore how much I love it here - - it's so chill!

I went to the Ian Potter Museum to see the Aboriginal (Indigenous Australians - like our Native Americans) ART, and other famous local artists like John Brack, who I fell in love with... and I just realized it's probably because we share the same birthday. What a joy. For breakfast, I walked to the quaintest, Parisian-like cafe from where I'm staying in Toorak, Victoria and had myself a 'skinny' or non-fat latte and croissant. For lunch I enjoyed a beautiful broccoli soup at another cafe that I can't remember the name of. Tonight I head to the Crown Casino, Can't wait. So much rich culture here. The atmosphere is serene, pure air to breathe, people so friendly it's almost awkward. I'm just loving it. BLOODY WONDERFUL! :D

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