Monday, July 6, 2009


I just got home after purchasing a new bike! The things I have been doing lately seem to be rather costly - - traveling, plans to sky dive and now a bike, but not having a car saves me heaps and I have been able to save some mula in the bank. Remember, before my car accident in March, money was tight... really tight. It's a sacrifice to not get from one place to another so easily, but really really worth it.

My new bike is incredible!!!! My previous bike, God rest it's soul, was stolen when I moved into my new apartment and stupidly locked the bike in the back of my apartment building, using one of the cheapest locks I could have purchased. The person who took it must have needed it. But fear no more, my new lock is like kryptonite... sturdy and comes with insurance for the entire amount of the bike if stolen. I'm so happy! I rode home from Doheny and Pico to my apt in the Miracle Mile area, of course while sporting my oh so stylish new helmet. I've had a few accidents on bikes, running into other bikers, running into mail boxes, losing control when going too fast down a hill; and have experienced plenty of accidents in my former set of wheels, the Toyota Rav4 (R.I.P.) ... so I definitely believe in safety first. I rode through the streets of Los Angeles smiling, ringing my bike bell, thinking that there is no other way I love supporting the environment, saving money and getting great amounts of exercise than riding my adorable turquoise and brown Schwinn wheels. Saweet! :D

I encourage all of you to think of ways to cut back on your own personal carbon emissions... it's a great feeling!

There's no band like Belle and Sebastian to express one's feeling of gleeeeee, especially when it's to the visuals of the Charlie Brown:


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Mother Health said...

Jessica! That is so cool... thank you so much!!! Would you send me a link to your blogs?????