Wednesday, July 8, 2009

No Sleep, No Coffee and a little Yes

Today is day four of no coffee and I feel no withdrawals, surprisingly. Since my birthday in May I've been pretty addicted to the crack and when I went to Australia, oh my god, the coffee is the best thing ever - - very European, served in short glasses and just divine. I bet the coffee bean itself is better quality than what you find here, that not drinking it doesn't give a person withdrawals. But I cannot tell you how amazing I feel not being dependent on coffee. I'm drinking black tea and green tea instead. I plan to eventually progress to only green tea.

The jet lag hasn't really hit me either. I'm a little tired, but only from not being able to sleep the last few nights and getting home at 2:30am last night after seeing Yes at the Gibson Amphitheater with one of my besties, Summer, for her birthday. One would think the experience of seeing Yes in this day in age would be, well, cheesy. While that is true, I would have to argue that cheesiness makes for the best kind of show.

Prior to the concert, I found it difficult to find the appropriate outfit to wear, not that I was trying to impress anyone, but I like to look my best at all times. I ended up taking so long to get ready that we missed the opening act, Asia... dammit! ;) Some of you may remember their 1980's hit "Heat of the Moment":

Hahahahahaha... sigh.

So we got to Universal City, found parking, did a little birthday pre-concert celebration in the car with some Lindemans black currant beer, fixed our makeup and went to the show. We didn't buy our tickets ahead of time since we knew Yes wouldn't sell out the Gibson (no offense to Yes), and so we scurried to the ticket booth and inquired about the prices for various seats: $135 for the pit area (ummm. no.), $95 for a bit further back (still no), behind that $75 (yeah... still no) and then $35 (seriously?!? ugh!) for the nosebleed section. I appreciate that Yes still tours and have a following, but the band no longer has the same appeal to us as it did in the 60's and 70's; a couple members are gone, including the original singer, so aside from seeing the genius of Steve Howe, we're really only going for the entertainment value. Here is Steve Howe at his best:

After much contemplating and possibly thinking that we would just skip the whole thing entirely and just head to the Sunset Marqui or something like that, the ticket guy slides us two tickets, "Here ladies, these are the $75 tickets. Take them and have fun." Summer and I look at each other... "WHAT!?" We didn't even tell him it was her birthday! I blew him a kiss and thanked him profusely. Yessssssssss (literally!)! We were totally shocked.

The show was VERY entertaining. The new singer had a good presence on stage, but was pretty corny, and he wore the most ridiculous costumes : | and danced very neo-hippy-ish... which aside from the free tix, made the concert sooooooo worth going to!

Enjoy some more vintage Yes!:


ryder said...

love this post! so random & fun.

Mother Health said...

Ryder! Thank you!!!!