Monday, July 6, 2009

Watermelon a hero?

I just chugged a glass of green tea like it was beer... and it was just as refreshing as beer, at least I'd like to pretend. :D

I'm back at work... the transition from living the life in Oz to being here is not that hard! I don't feel the jet lag, glad to be home to see my family and hang with my friends, but no doubt I have a broken heart... I miss Australia. I'm eager for a new adventure which is why I just signed myself up to go sky diving. I'm crazy, I'm fully aware of this, but really, I cannot wait!

I'm downloading all 600 pictures from my trip and just laughing my buns off at the glorious moments I had with family and friends. I MISS YOU ALL!

Now attention all you men out there! Check out this article about watermelon and how it promotes a healthy prostate... it's a quick paragraph to read, so read it!


And by the way, I'm listening to David Bowie's Heroes. It's a mainstream song, sure, sung by one of the greatest artists of all time. Sometimes we tend to take those for granted since we've heard them a million times on the radio. Of course I always thought it was a brilliant song, but when you finally realize the actual epicness of a song like I have in Heroes, it grabs your soul and shakes it around a bit. I like it when that happens. Heroes - - it inspires me and makes me feel like a hero, indeed. Magical.

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