Friday, October 30, 2009


Last night I ventured out into the food world. I had heard so many wonderful thing about Susan Feniger's Street. So I took one of my best friends, Tita, there for her birthday to check it out.

Loved the decor, loved the music playing, loved the friendly and attentive service, loved the ambiance, but in the end the food was not my favorite. The menu is a fusion of various worldly cuisines that replicate the taste of street vendors of various countries. Great idea. However, the few dishes I had all shared the same theme - - doughy, bready, heavy. While I enjoy street food after a night on the town and while I understand Susan's vision of bringing that type of food to a sit-down meal, I don't want to eat the same heavy thing over and over again. I need something to balance my plate, something light, something raw. I thought that dish would be the New Jerusalem Bread salad, a combination of Persian cucumbers, tomatoes, olive bread, feta cheese, etc. But I wasn't satisfied. The flavors of this dish were not so pleasing. I felt that the combination of all the parts could not come together because the size of the vegetables were chopped too big to all fit into my mouth at once. Aside from that, it's not that original of a salad. The Mung Bean Pancake which sounded incredible - - griddled with anise, glazed pork belly, scallions and kimchi - - but all these yummy flavors were completely overpowered by the salty mustard sauce. Here's what I did like: the Kaya Toast - - basically grilled cheese sandwich with coconut jam spread and a fried egg; and the Hawaiian Alanui Poke which is raw Ono, prepared differently than what is written on the menu. You would think that a place called Street where street-like food is served would have street-like prices. No. Far from that. I knew it would be pricey, but did not think it would end up being more expensive than Mozza, Batali's restaurant across the street. The sad thing is, my stomach was still hungry after we left... and now so was my wallet. :(

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