Tuesday, November 24, 2009

BEWARE: Medicine Interaction with Grapefruit and Other News...

I have never been so jet lagged in my life. I got back from NYC two Sunday's ago and have received roughly 40 hours of sleep since two Friday's ago.

Anyway, my brief New York trip was fantastic: Friends, delicious food, Georgia O'Keeffe, getting plenty lost on the ever-confusing subways, strolls through Central Park and even learned a thing or two about nutrition... While sipping mimosas with a dear friend in Brooklyn and considering ordering another round of the drink with grapefruit juice instead of orange juice, I was told about medicine interactions with grapefruit.

What is a medicine interaction? This occurs when the effects of a particular drug are altered by another drug or food. Basically, certain foods and drugs cannot be mixed with certain drugs or they will cease to work and may cause harm.

So how does grapefruit cause interactions with drugs?

An enzyme called P-450 located in the intestinal wall breaks down various medications. Grapefruit prevents P-450 from performing this function. So basically the side effects of the medication are gonna hit you. GASP! There's more to it... but that's the gist.

Just so you're aware.

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