Thursday, December 31, 2009

Immune Boosters and Soup

My herblism teacher swears by this stuff. I am definitely buying some for the new year to keep my body and immune system up to par!

In addition, the herbs to keep in mind that boost the immune system:

Astragalus - for everyday use
Ashwagandha - for everyday use
Mushrooms - immune enhancer, cancer reducer

Take care of yourselves in TWENTY TEN! Make a resolution that benefits the health of your body. Preventative medicine is the best medicine.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Lentil Soup for the Sick...

I have not been sick in almost two years. And while most would concur that I am definitely sick, I refuse to admit it because giving into the sickness makes things always worse. So despite my symptoms, I came to work. I woke up yesterday morning unable to swallow, with a sinus headache, body aches and chills. Mind over matter! And that's not a 'West Coast' thing as some East Coast skeptic/friend brought to my attention yesterday, it's a common sense thing - - our minds control our bodies and all it's functions, duh! The mind is far more powerful than we realize, if you believe you are well and healthy, your body follows suit and heals faster. Anyway, so it was a bit late to prevent the sickness, but to remedy it as fast as possible, mind over matter still is important. I went home early yesterday, laid in bed all afternoon, listened to a ton of Catherine Wheel and watched many Netflix Instant Watch movies. I slept most of the day and in between all of that, managed to make the most delicious and easiest Lentil Soup. It took about 20 min. with hardly any preparation needed... and it's freaking CHEAP!


Trader Joe's Ready to Eat Steamed Lentils
Trader Joe's Mirepoix
3 cups of boiling water

Salt, black pepper, red pepper flakes, thyme for taste
2 tablespoons butter/ or sesame oil for you vegans
2 Cloves of Garlic

Turn on your tea kettle to bring the 3 cups of water to a boil by the time you have everything ready. In a pot, saute the Mirepoix and the butter for about 10 min. Add some pepper and salt for taste. Next put in the Trader Joe's Steamed Lentils. Mix for about 3 min. During those three min. add more salt and pepper, thyme and with a garlic press - squeeze the two cloves of garlic for taste. Add your boiling water to the mix. Let simmer, while occasionally stirring for 10 - 15 min. Add the more seasoning for taste. Tasting is the key to delicious food. VOILA! Delicious, easy lentil soup and enough for a couple days. I had two bowls yesterday and passed out.

And now I leave you with early 90's Catherine Wheel's really good song, but not so awesome video for Black Metallic (thanks Sarah):

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Thanks to my friend Ryan I came upon this radical blog:


What’s Cold Splinters all about?
Pretending you’re outside when you have to be at your computer.

Friday, December 11, 2009


I normally post my BUScapades stories far more often than I have lately, but it's really just been the same old thing... well, maybe not. Last week, I had one very crazy lady verbally attack me the second I stepped onto the 20 bus heading to work and she was very persistent and attentive to only me the entire bus ride. A few weeks ago I sat on a soaking "wet" seat and I'm pretty sure it wasn't wet from water. Last night when I was yapping away on the phone I missed my stop to transfer and realized far too late that I was entering foreign-bus-route territory. I ended up having to walk from Santa Monica Blvd. to Wilshire Blvd., about an hour detour, but on the bright side, great exercise.

But it was this morning's experience that tops the charts. On the 704, another passenger and I were literally thrown out of our seats when the bus came to a screeching halt. We were sitting in the handicap area in the front, reading our books, minding our own business when out of nowhere we were all of a sudden face down on the floor, our belongings dramatically thrown everywhere and after trying to gather our composure we heard a little voice from the driver's seat peep, "Soooorry." I broke into hysterical laughter as did my buddy on the floor, followed by the entire bus. For a good 30 seconds, everyone was laughing uncontrollably. Weirdly, it's the first time I felt the Christmas spirit this season and the first time in my bus life I felt like I was riding with friends. When I exited the bus I was a little sad to go.

I love the bus. I love what riding the bus does for the environment. I love what riding the bus does to my sense of humor and how it can bring out the human spirit.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

What Not to Eat...

(Thank you Lizzie) Here's a short list of factoids from the experts on what not to eat and why. I must say I'm guilty of enjoying a soupçon of microwave popcorn yesterday... and lemme tell you, last time that's going to happen.


It's the holiday season and you need a last minute gift for your friends and family... look no further. My friend Jeremy Rendina's beautiful lunar calendars are ready! Hand silkscreened prints in beautiful colors!! Click below to check them out and order!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Quote of the Day!

"Only ask your child what he wants for dinner
if he's buying."

- Fran Lebowitz

Parents -
You decide what your kids eat, not the other way around.

Pull My Finger... The Truth About Gas

Gas -- it's everyone's worst enemy. Most of you suffer from it all of your waking hours and have accepted the discomfort as apart of your life. Some only get it after certain foods: frijoles, fruit, granola, whatever. Either way, it's there. What feels like gas may be indigestion, cramps, constipation or diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome or worse! Did you know there are ways to prevent and avoid this discomfort??? Well, food combining is the #1 way to get rid of these intestinal problems. Eliminating all dairy, or at least cow dairy products is #2. There's really no #3, so if you have one then leave a comment.

Let's learn about food combining. Food combining is something I learned from Gillian McKeith's You Are What You Eat. Like human relationships, food has relationships too; the key is finding which foods are compatible with each other for optimal digestive chemistry - - in other words, what combination of foods will go down your digestive tract easiest and what combination of foods will help the nutrients get absorbed best. Every person is different, so keep that in mind when putting food combination to use! Ok?!

So the Rules of Food Combining:

There is a whole lot of chemistry involved when explaning this. I am giving you the lay person's explanation. I am not a chemist and most likely, neither are you.

Food is divided into four groups:

1. Proteins - poultry, meat, cheese, eggs, fish, milk, nuts, beans
2. Carboyhydrates
- bread, pasta, cereals, flour, starchy vegetables, potatoes, yams
3. Selective Veggies and other stuff - non-starchy veggies, roots, salads, nuts, seeds, herbs
4. Fruits

Never eat Groups 1 and 2 together. I know, I know. You can't eat mashed potatoes with meatloaf!!?! Or granola with milk!!?! Sure you can! But you know the consequences. It's something about these groups requiring certain digestive enzymes that makes them just not mesh very well together. Who cares the reason why - - it works!

Eat Groups 3 with either Group 1 or Group 2.
Group 3 is excellent to mix with proteins or carbs, but not both! Make sure you leave 2 hours after eating a carbohydrate to eat protein.

Never eat Group 4 with any other group!
That's right, no more cereal with bananas. But listen, it's for your own good. Fruit is the fastest digesting food and needs to be eaten all by itself. In fact, it should be eaten before anything else so that the nutrients get absorbed properly. If you feel like a fruit snack while at work, eat it 30 min. after your last meal. One more thing, when eating grapes, eat them alone. Never eat grapes with other fruits. Get the book if you want to learn why (see Entry #1 for details). It's as simple as that.

Alternative Solutions:

So you're a little disappointed about the combination method. Well, let me offer some solutions, and if you have any, leave them in the comments!

So with your chicken dish, puree some carrots and they will mimic those mash potatoes. For cereal or granola, instead of milk use soy or nut milk. For additional suggestions, feel free to ask.

Eliminating Milk Products:

Most people are lactose intolerant. Yes, it's really true. Our bodies were not made to digest cow's milk. It begins with the body not having enough lactase to digest the lactose from cows. So your wine and cheese habit... it can stay, but just understand why intestinal discomfort is happening to you. Despite what you may think, goat's milk is an excellent alternative to cow's milk and is far more easy to digest. Goat's milk is most similar to human milk. The taste needs getting used to, but add goat cheese on your salad, in your stuffed peppers, on your nachos, etc. There is even goat cheese brie! I love it. Find it at Trader Joe's. Seriously, it's goat heaven!

Other substitutes for milk products are soy (but use sparingly) and nut products (best choice). There are plenty of soy cheeses that taste like cheddar cheese or mozarella. I think even at Ralphs and other supermarkets sell shredded soy cheese for your convenience. Nut milks like almond make your tea or cereal so yummy! It's a nice sweet treat and its own nutritious value.

So, say "NO TO INTESTINAL DISCOMFORT!" Eliminate gas now. It's the best feeling to know that your stomach pains and the whistling from your bum can be prevented.

Peace, love and health!

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Inspiring: Backyard Agriculture...

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Music is Good for the Soul

In B Flat

... it's a good break from work.

The Truth About Ketchup....

I bet some of you didn't know how much sodium and sugar ketchup has.

Rapport vs. Report

Such an interesting article on male vs. female communication. Even married couples have issues with this. Men and women communicate VERY differently as a result of culturally learned behavioral patterns that begin in childhood.

Read this article:

by: Deborah Tannen

She happens to be the author of
You're Wearing That? - a very excellent book for the Mother/Daughter. :D

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Movie: Babies

Ummm. How can you not post something as adorable as a movie about BABIES! I love them. Thanks Noel!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Washed Out & Pears with Goat Cheese

Not much time to blog this week.

I'm finally coming out of my post-Thanksgiving depression that began this afternoon after I finished the last of the leftovers - - tragic. It took a 4:00pm snack and my fave band/song of the moment to overcome my despair. Something as simple and cheap (maybe even obvious to some), but totally nutritious and delicious as...

Goat cheese spread onto sliced brown pear - good source of calcium and fiber, which is definitely needed after a weekend of stuffing...



P.S. - Mom, thanks for an awesomely rico Thanksgiving... and for giving into watching Kingpin with me and Dadeo. xx