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We inherit a lot of our allergies from our parents.  But we also acquire allergies from bad diet, environment, medications, etc.  Allergies are often a symptom of a weak liver. If the liver is weak, it struggles to remove the histamine produced by our lungs and consequently builds up in the body leading to more allergic reactions.  The best place to start allergy treatment is at the liver.  It is the Master Detoxifier.

The liver performs over 500 other functions:
  1. Stores and produces glycogen which produces glucose
  2. Rids the body of excess red blood cells and bacteria
  3. Produces hormones like estrogen (ladies)
  4. Stores the fat soluble vitamins like A, D, E, K and B12
  5. Creates bile
  6. Helps with digestion
  7. Creates the thing that creates antibodies
  8. Detoxifies
  9. And 491+ other things
Ever notice after a heavy night of drinking you get really bad allergies the next day?? So to strengthen the liver take a look into the following herbs:
  1. Nettle
  2. Dandelion
  3. Burdock
  4. Goldenseal
  5. Barbary Root
  6. Red Clovers
All these herbs stimulate the liver and alkalize the body to pull the moisture out. The easiest of these to get a hold of is Dandelion. I drink dandelion tea on a regular basis. You can get this at Whole Foods or most health food stores. Online you can get any of these. When I took my herbalism class, my teacher, Joanne, told me a few solutions such as:
  1. Nettle leaf or root - addresses the liver
  2. Ginseng – Reduces swelling and great for asthma
  3. Dong Quai – great for liver, best for females and for asthma
  4. Chamomile, Ginger and Feverfew act as antihistamines
  5. Milk Thistle Seed - Can regenerate the cells of the liver. It comes in powder form so add to your breakfast in the morning by sprinkling it on a bowl of yogurt with fruits and nuts.
HONEY – I did an ENTRY on this a couple of years ago. If you purchase organic, raw honey that is cultivated within 20 miles from where you live, it can really help with allergies. Think about it. Your allergies are usually a result of the environment around you. Honey is made by bees that feed off the flowers within the area, the same flowers that can cause your hay fevers. Like most cures, a part of the problem is used to create a cure. Consume about a tablespoon of honey every morning in your tea, etc.

The best medicine for allergies is preventative. If you know you suffer from allergies prepare your body for allergy season starting 6 months before. Start with the consumption of the herbs (mentioned above) that address the liver. Strengthen your liver so that your body is stable and functioning optimally. It's up to you how you want to consumer them. I always like to consult an herbalist at the health food store, or if you order online, call the company and talk with a representative. I like to drink my herbs in tea form or take as a tincture. Some forms are more potent than others.
When it comes to herbs remember a couple things: 1. Herbs can take up to 3 months to work, but with patience, it's far more rewarding than taking a simple pill like Claritin and you do it naturally so your body is thankful and 2. Don't be bashful about experimenting and 3. Like any kind of medicine be careful and research everything. I think I've given some good guidelines on the basics, now you do the rest. If you want to consume the herbs as tea, make sure you make an entire pot and drink it throughout the day. Since there is more than one herb that addresses allergies, make sure you mix it up. Variety is the spice of life. Do dandelion one day, nettle the next, etc. If you take in tincture form, follow the instructions. ETC. Every person is different and it's about finding out what works for you. Don't be afraid to try different forms of herbs. Herbs as medication really work. Remember, this is the way they did things before modern medicine came about.

Here are some great sites to retreive your herbs. Herbs come in bulk... so maybe share with friends. Try and buy in small quantities... herbs weigh nothing so even the small amounts will last you a while. I like to find small farms that either grow their own. Just make sure they're organic:

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