Wednesday, February 29, 2012

juice → soup (how to not let anything waste when juicing)

Now that I've taken this Leap of Faith, more like Leap of Life having quit my corporate job and live off a small amount of savings, a part time job and Etsy sales, my income is sparse and I have to make due with what I have, and be smart about waste.  This entire amount of fruit and veggies cost me $5.50 at the Korean market, so I'm afraid, it's only partially organic.  Nonetheless, I washed the fruit and veggies to the best of my ability and made this intensely delicious juice above.

Chard + Parsley + Fuji Apple + Carrot + Ginger

With the leftover pulp I made a yummy lentil soup.  I used the pulp as the base for the stock of the soup.  First I sauteed the pulp in a pot with 2 tablespoons of butter and of walnut oil.  I added sea salt and pepper for taste  and threw in a diced onion.  I added about 10 cups of water (that will vary depending on your amount of pulp) and let that come to a boil and then bring to a simmer for a couple hours.  Add more sea salt to the water, taste for flavor and adjust appropriately.  About 1.5 - 2 hours later, throw in some lentils and some other legumes.  I added mung beans to the mix.  Mung beans act like a thickening agent to the stock as they soften.  About 2 hours after that, I had a delicious vegetable, lentil, mung bean soup.

Stir often.
Wing it.
Practice often and then cooking starts to get pretty easy.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mother Earth News

My Mother Earth News found by my friend Sarah Mackinnon.

Mother Earth News has been my favorite publication for almost 10 years. I love learning about rural culture, sustainability, farming politics, gardening tips, going green, recipes, etc.

Paradise Warm Cereal w/ Berries

I had the most incredible weekend house sitting here:

And dog sitting this:

... And on my last day in Paradise, I made the most delicious, simple batch of warm cereal.  Here's the recipe.

Paradise Pooridge

Throw in a cup of either Rice Milk or Coconut Milk in a pot.  Bring to a boil and then add a handful of raw oats, all natural grape nuts, almonds, raw shredded coconut.  Let that simmer for a couple minutes and then pour in a bowl and add some raw berries to sweeten the grains and a dash of salt to bring out the sweet.  It's that easy.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Morning Workout

I woke up with a groggy feeling in my head and body.  A healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body.  Since all the recent changes I have made in my life, I have focused so much energy on my mind's health.  But I haven't put as much effort into my body as I once did.  What we put into our mouths is what effects our brain and body.  It's all interconnected.  For the first time in 2.5 years, I have purchased a car which means I am no longer walking or biking on a daily basis.  Since then, I've constructed a morning regiment that seems to work for me over the last three months. My morning routine consists of: Waking up, writing 3 pages in a journal of stream of consciousness - this allows you to get the stresses out of your head and onto paper, followed by a 20 minute brisk walk, followed by warm water with lemon.

But I don't think my 20 minute walk has been enough.  I want to start working on specific parts of my body that are in need of toning- - my abs and ass.  I searched Youtube in hopes of finding a workout.  What I like about Kurvaceous is that she provides quick workouts that would compliment my 20 minute walks and end with a stretch.  Convenience that works.

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Sprouts are considered the most nutritional food on the planet. They are a very high source of protein, Vitamins A, some B, C, D, E and K, not to mention calcium, fiber, amino acids, enzymes, disease-preventing phytochemicals, etc. How something so small is so POWERFUL -- sprouts have a Napoleon complex.

Sprouts has been used as a medicinal herb for the past 1,500 years in China. The most common type of sprouts that most people recognize is alfalfa. Alfalfa is a flowering plant in the pea/legume family. As my mom would say, this food "IS ALIVE!" food. More on "It's Alive!" later. But she's absolutely right, its living food. Unlike other fruits and veggies that lose their nutritional value once picked off the vine or branch or rooted from the ground, sprouts actually increase their nutritional value and vitamin content as the days go by and even after they have been cut and put in the fridge. 

Here is a link to SPROUT NEWS  for some varieties of sprouts and their disease-preventative traits. Take this seriously people and read it, memorize and embrace it. Sprouts are our best friend.  When I detox, which I will eventually share with you my methods, I eat a ton of sprouts because I know it's one of the most important tools to clear out the toxins in my body.  

Ok, so if you have never purchased sprouts before, they're probably some of the cheapest things on the market. I'd say for a bunch you pay $0.99 - $2.99. Not bad. But I go through them pretty fast. When I make salads, half of my total ingredients are sprouts (or at least I try), so the cost might add up quickly. 

Anyway, all you need are the following long list of materials:

1. Canning Jars (save all your jars from jam's, pickles, mayonnaise, etc. - it's good for other projects besides just sprouting)

2. Small sprouting seeds 2-3 tablespoons or Medium seeds 1/4-1/2 a cup (any kind you want) Usually found at health food stores, nursery's, hardware stores or on the web. Try and get organic if possible. Why start off with chemicals?

3. Cheesecloth


1. Rinse your seeds.

2. Cover the bottom of a jar with the seeds about the equivalent of two seeds deep.
2. Fill the jar with water about halfway and cover the top with cheesecloth.
3. Screw the lid of the jar over the cheesecloth.
4. Soak seeds over night.
5. The following day pour the water out of the jar through the cheesecloth. Use this water on your plants. It contains vital nutrients that should not be wasted.
6. Pour water again into the jar to rinse the seeds one more time and then pour out.
7. Lay the jar on its side at a 45 degree angle by propping it against something (so the sprouts don't drown if there's extra water). Make sure it's not in direct sunlight and keep in a dim place.
8. Repeat the rinsing and draining step twice a day for the next 4 - 7 days, or once the seeds have fully sprouted. Then devour!

Store the remaining sprouts in the fridge for upto a week. Easy.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mother Effing Health, Where Have You Been?

I know.  It's been so long.  So much has changed and I will slowly share it all with you.  I've missed my blog, my readers.  I'm excited to continue spreading the love, but at the same time I make no apologies for the new Mother Health Blog.  It's going to be an honest portrayal of living life in moderation in California in my shoes.  We're in this together and hopefully you either learn from what I post or at least find it entertaining.

Since I last wrote in 2010 my life has drastically changed.  Had a couple boyfriends along with a life-changing epiphany after being hit with health problems that debilitated me physically and emotionally for over a year.  I came out the other end deciding life was too short and I had to take the time to nurture my creative in order to explore what it is I truly love doing. So I quit my job of 7 years in front of a computer.  I said goodbye $60,000 salary, goodbye 401K plan, goodbye dental and health insurance, goodbye to living alone in a gorgeous 1920's one bedroom apartment in the Miracle Mile and hello to sharing a one bedroom in the ghetto with a couple who sleep in the living room.  Hello to working free internships, hello to living on pennies a year and figuring out how to pay for bills the unconventional way.  Fuck.  Things are getting real.  Life is so unpredictable, but I'm determined to make it work and come out the other end.

In addition to all this, I've quit smoking for what truly feels like the final time.  It's something I've struggled on and off with for over ten years.  When I first started the blog in 2008, I had quit smoking for three years, but started up again.  At the time, I didn't feel it was right to continue my health blog while I struggled, but pretending like I'm this perfect, purist human is just not how I want to live or teach. I want to share every side because that's more realistic.  I don't think health should become a religion, but I think it's important.  It's important to learn to enjoy life while listening to our body's needs - -  detox often.  I believe moderation is the only way to live life.

So this is the new Mother Health.  My name is Amanda Kobritz, I'm 29 years old, searching for the Truth, a career while living a possum life. I'm having fun and doing the best I can... 

Welcome to my blog.

✌   ,